6 Exciting Activities That Will Spice Up Your COVID Calendar

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I don’t know about you, but lockdown can sometimes feel like all work and no play. What gets me through a “normal” working day is the exciting activities that may follow after the 9-5 is done. A birthday party, a little getaway, a holiday or an intimate dinner with friends all give us something to look forward to… they put a pep in our step.

But while restrictions are always on the horizon, it is becoming harder to see the light at the end of the tunnel, where these events may come to fruition. Holiday plans feel tentative. Weddings have been postponed. If you’re in lockdown, even the humble dinner party is completely off the menu.

But when we think about it, there are plenty of little things we can add to our calendars that can provide that same excitable feeling of anticipation. (Maybe not the ‘I’m-about-to-travel-to-Europe’ excitement, but excitement nonetheless.) These things can be a reward for hard work, helping us with motivation.

So, I have compiled a list of adventurous and exciting activities, and ways to spice them up, to add a bit of flare to your COVID calendar and give you something to look forward to again.

1. A walk with all the bells and whistles

Though this may be an obvious one, the beauty of an hour spent outdoors after being cooped up inside all day can be overlooked. However, doing the same walk everyday can be a little repetitive, so try and find some new routes within your local government area (and within a 5km radius if that is what you’re restricted to). And instead of just going for a boring old COVID walk, take some wild women cookies, a thermos of hot chocolate and your bestie to your favourite secret trail. Or better yet, spice it up by walking to one of these incredible secret rock pools if one is near you.

2. At home dance workout

My new favourite form of exercise, and one of my favourite lockdown activities, has been dance workouts. If it’s a rainy day and you can’t get outside, this is the perfect way to get your body moving and boost your serotonin levels. Set up your laptop or TV in front of an open space, and turn on either MadFit’s YouTube channel for a variety of short and fun dances to songs throughout the decades, or check out my favourite video: this Mamma Mia dance workout! It’ll be sure to break a good sweat.

3. Yoga/Meditation

Within our current climate of unease and uncertainty, the pandemic can exacerbate feelings of stress and anxiety for many. Yoga and meditation is a fantastic activity to not only slow down the body, but also the mind. Finding peace within yourself can be extremely difficult in times like these, thus following a 10-minute yoga flow or a 30-minute guided meditation can provide a moment of solitude and can assist with reducing stress levels. Make this activity a form of self-care. Put your phone down, turn down the lights, light a candle, and play some calming music as you truly enjoy this time for yourself.

4. Movie night

Instead of falling face first onto the couch and binging the entire season of Hacks (although, very enjoyable), setup a movie night that feels extra special. Get your fave snacks (chocolate coated popcorn, hello!), make yourself a fancy cocktail (like this Wild Women spritzer), get in your comfiest clothes, turn off all the lights and enjoy a film that’ll put a pep in your step! Or, if you’re looking for a bit of Friday night fun, get your household together for Women’s Health Week on the 10th of September and take part in our screening of the inspirational Women’s Adventure Film Tour. Watch the trailer here!

5. Host a themed dinner party for your family/partner

If you’re missing your favourite restaurant, try and recreate it at home! To make it a little more special, turn the whole night into a themed celebration for a particular culture/cuisine. For example, have a Mexican themed night with margaritas, Mexican food, and throw in a fun activity to match the theme, like playing limbo! Whether it be an Italian, Japanese or Indian themed evening, this is one of my favourite lockdown activities to bring the family together or spice up date night at home.  

6. Kayaking/SUP

With restrictions in place, now is the perfect time to take up a new outdoor hobby. Kayaking or stand-up-paddle boarding are great ways to move your body while getting some peace and quiet on a beautiful spring day as you paddle across the water. Whether you’re by yourself or you’ve brought along a buddy, we definitively recommend adding this adventurous and exciting activity to your ‘lockdown activities’ bucket list.

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