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This recipe is so good you'll want to make it at home, but we promise it tastes better on day three of a hike...
Once you’ve been forced, by circumstance, to wee in front of other people, there is no turning back. In fact, weeing on the side of a trail can actually be quite liberating. But public squatting isn’t the only wee-related lesson you need to learn if you want to be a hard-core Wild Woman. When you spend time in extreme weather wilderness locations, where it’s too cold, windy or dangerous to leave your tent, you must develop other essential skills to avoid both a frost-bitten arse and pee in your pants!
So often we are drawn to the mystery of mountains miles away and trails that journey through the untouched wilderness of countries we have never visited. But here in our very own Australian backyard lie natural jewels that await our exploration...

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This challenging 10-hour hike will reward you with some of the best views and pristine trails in the Blue Mountains. This walk is a truly wild opportunity to immerse yourself in nature, rejuvenate and share your challenging journey with like-minded adventurous women.
Refresh and rejuvenate yourself in this exquisite World Heritage listed paradise. This is an incredibly unique and special experience that is a MUST do.
The Great North Walk was created in 1988 as a way to celebrate Australia’s bicentennial year. The entire walk spans a phenomenal 250km of bushwalking track linking the Sydney CBD with the Hunter Valley and Newcastle. On our one-day Wild Walk, we will concentrate on the Lane Cove section. During your walk, you will bear witness to some of the most spectacular views and landscapes, all with the backing soundtrack of native birds and wildlife.

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