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You know those people who are 'fitness people'. They say things like 'I just LOVE exercise' or 'I get cranky when I don't workout'. They can also seem unreasonably happy, which sometimes makes 'non-fitness people' annoyed. Well, they don't have some magical elixir, nor were they just born that way. If you're not here already, here's how to come over to the bright side...
This delicious recipe, gifted to us by the mother of gorgeous Wild Woman Anurag, is the perfect hiking treat. Jam-packed with nuts, seeds and good fats, it'll keep you fuller for longer, so you can smash your fitness goals and feel great while you're at it!
Walk in the park
In Australia and all across the developed world, we've got a serious obesity crisis. We all know exercise is good for us, but many of us can't bring ourselves to do it. Well, Di Westaway thinks she's found a way to make it not only easy, but fun.

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The Prom, as it is affectionately known, marks the southern-most point of Victoria and overlooks Bass Strait. Trekking the Prom is a delight with coastal vegetation, rugged and knarled headlands, gorgeous beaches and pristine bays.
Explore the best sections of the Larapinta Trail with just a day pack. From the high ridge lines of the West MacDonnell Ranges you’ll see the vast flood plains that form this ancient land. You’ll be dwarfed by the immensity of Ormiston and Serpentine Gorge and soothed by their idyllic waterholes. You’ll be amazed by dramatic colour changes in the rock formations at Simpsons Gap and Standley Chasm... and to top it all of you’ll climb to the lofty peak of Mt Sonder to watch the sunrise (1,380m).
Join us for this exploratory adventure of the stunning views, hidden beaches, spectacular sea cliffs, spring wildflowers, historic forts, sandstone walls and amazing vistas of Sydney Harbour!

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