Wild Adventures

A cup of hot chocolate on a smooth, flat rock in the shadow of Mount Everest. A swim in a geothermal pool in the middle of the Icelandic wilderness. A clifftop breakfast while watching whales in Sydney Harbour, Australia.

Wild Women adventures have always been about creating moments that take your breath away.  They are more than just a holiday – they are an experience you’ll remember forever.

Iceland Magic

Our teams have hiked iconic locations around the world including Everest Base Camp, Mt Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu, Bhutan, Patagonia, GR 20 Corsica, Mt Fansipan, Mt Kinabalu, Mt Elbrus, Mt Olympus, Mt Rinjani, Iceland, Mt Fuji, Mt Aconcagua and many more.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve empowered tens of thousands of women around the world to achieve the adventures of their dreams, from single day walks to challenging altitude treks and everything in between.

Whatever your level of hiking experience, we help you find and love the adventure of your dreams.


Mt Kilimanjaro Summit

We've teamed up with World Expeditions!

Ready for your next adventure? We’ve partnered with our friends at World Expeditions, Australia’s first adventure travel company, to launch a new range of homegrown, kick arse, women’s-only hiking adventures. 

All trips are professionally guided, developed with a long-standing philosophy of thoughtful travel and designed to encourage you, Wild Women, to experience the natural exhilaration and overwhelming sense of achievement that comes from being in nature and achieving a goal with other like-minded women. 

Whether you’re plunging into waterfalls or watching the sunrise atop ancient desert peaks, enjoying clifftop cocktails overlooking the Pacific Ocean or dining on delicious cuisine by a campfire on a remote island, we’ve jam-packed the best into these customised hikes.

And to make sure you have the most fun possible, we’ll support you with a specialised training program, FREE when you book your adventure, to ensure you are fully prepared for the unique challenges of each stunning destination.

Check out the range below and book early… We reckon they’re going to sell out as fast as a freshly baked tray of Wild Women cookies. 

Larapinta Hike

Classic Larapinta Trek in Comfort

Stay in stylish, comfortable semi-permanent campsites during your guided walk along Australia's most iconic desert trek over 8 days.
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