Halve Your Time In The Kitchen With These Simple Tips

Struggling to find motivation in the kitchen? Love to eat but hate how long it takes to cook? Trust me, you’re not alone. What would you do if I said I could help you halve your time in the kitchen after a long day at work? Whether you’re a savoury god like Jamie Oliver or a sweet tooth like Donna Hay, good food requires a simple recipe: delicious, nutritious and efficient! Here are a few handy kitchen tips that will make being in the kitchen a breeze!

How to save time with these 9 kitchen tips

Write a meal schedule

It’s time for all of us to embrace our inner Kardashian and start organising our meals as much as they organise their pantries. Try it for just a week and you’ll be shocked by just how much meal planning can change your life. Starting from the moment you step into the grocery store all the way to when you’re popping it on the plate, you’ll spend less time shopping, cooking and washing up, reduce your food bill and eliminate food waste!

Prep your produce straight away

Look at that! Your time is now halved in the store thanks to your fabulous meal schedule! Try using this spare 30 minutes to work speedily and swiftly like Gordon Ramsay – without all the shouting. By washing, chopping and storing all your fresh produce in containers (this is a lifesaver!) you will have longer-lasting food that’s easy to access and toss into any meal you need. Try these containers from Kmart! They maintain airflow and keep food fresher for longer.

Meal prepping!

Pre-preparing your meals the night before is a massive lifesaver, especially when it comes to breakfast. Overnight oats and chia puddings are favourites at Wild Women HQ! Even smoothies can be prepped. Grab all the fruit you need, chop it up, divide it into bags and throw them in the freezer. In the morning, simply grab a bag, empty it into the blender and you’re set to go!

Prep your protein

If you are cooking for a big household, you’re probably down with this technique! Prepping and freezing your protein for later in the week helps keep it fresh, keeps portion sizes under control and, of course, reduces the prep time of your meals.

Use those ice cube trays!

Who knew ice cube trays could be so versatile? Grab a few of these silicone giant ice cube trays for less than $2 – you won’t regret it! They’re perfect for storing single servings of sauces, broths and even coconut milk for your smoothies! It also helps you portion your sizes.

Make risotto in the rice cooker

Kitchen appliances are hands down lifesavers. This easy-to-make risotto will save you time and energy. Just add butter, garlic and cooked onion to the cooker, then the rice and stock. Put the cooker on. Just before the cooking time is up, add parmesan and whatever other goodies you wish to have in it and voila! Easy and tasty.

Bring those greens back to life!

Did you know you can bring limp greens back to life? Cut off the roots of celery, asparagus or broccoli, stand the remaining portion in a jug of ice-cold water and watch them magically crisp up.

Roasting those veggies!

Add a can of chickpeas to your tray of roasted veggies for extra plant protein and deliciousness!

Ditch the store-bought dressing

Homemade salad dressing is easier than you think. Grab a lemon, some garlic, honey and olive oil for a perfectly zesty dressing (blend with cashews if you want something creamier) OR try Wild Women Di’s scrumptious salad dressing.

With these kitchen tips, you’ll save time, money and ultimately your sanity by making life in the kitchen a lot simpler!

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