A List Of Tiny Things That Make You Feel Really, Really Good

The list started in the shower. I really love having a shower, because I love feeling clean and I also exercise a lot! Anyway, I was thinking: “Fu*k, I love the feeling of hot water on my skin”, which got me thinking about all the other sensations I love to feel. Things that make me feel really, really good.

What surprised me most was that so many of them can be done during lockdown – which I am currently in in Sydney.

And because we all need to feel good right now, I thought I’d share them. It’s a gentle reminder that what makes us feel good really doesn’t take that much.

Things that make me feel really damn good:

  • A hot shower.
  • Getting into clean bed sheets.
  • The feeling when you finish a big day of training and you’re so exhausted but also buzzing.
  • Belly laughter – when it’s almost uncontrollable and you can’t even breathe.
  • Racing.
  • Winning!
  • Brushing my teeth.
  • When my heartrate spikes doing high intensity exercise.
  • The feeling after shaving my legs or having laser.
  • When my abs feel sore the day after core.
  • Falling asleep in the sun.
  • Waking up from a nap when you’ve dribbled.
  • Jumping in the ocean.
  • Walking on the beach in the evening when the sand is cold.
  • Being somewhere that you shouldn’t and the adrenaline of maybe getting caught. (No, this is not referring to lockdown FYI 😉)
  • Riding my bike super-fast down the hill.
  • Sending an unexpected gift to someone.
  • Receiving a genuine compliment.
  • Running when it feels light/free/flying!
  • Getting to the toilet when you’ve been so bursting you were literally about to sh*t yourself in public!
  • Being the perfect amount of drunk… where you are floating but not yet throwing up.
  • When you’ve yelled out in frustration. I recently screamed at my neighbors for playing music till 4am every night. I truly felt fantastic afterwards.
  • On the flipside… blasting music so loud I can’t hear myself think.
  • Waking up truly refreshed after a good night of sleep.
  • Dancing.
  • Having a cold fizzy drink when you’re super hot and dehydrated.
  • Running in new shoes.
  • Taking a risk.
  • When you try something you’ve never done before. I recently started boxing and I’m hooked!
  • Writing down things that make you feel really, really good! Give it a try.


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