8 Inspiring Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Right Now

Let’s face it, mindless scrolling on Instagram has become the norm. From cat videos to viral memes, we’ve all fallen victim to the addictive trap of Instagram. And for many of us, with lockdowns and restrictions being a harsh new reality, social media can be a welcome distraction from the real world. However, it can also be a toxic environment which leaves us comparing our own lives with the highlight reels of others. We know it can be hard to find inspiring Instagram accounts.

It can be hard to find genuine, authentic creators who add value to our social media feeds, rather than making us feel worse about ourselves. Whether you’re looking for lifestyle inspiration, body positivity, or a daily dose of serotonin, we’ve put together a list of our favourite inspiring Instagram accounts that won’t leave you with that feeling of ‘scroll-shame.’

Athena Mellor, @athenamellor

Athena Mellor is a free-spirited hiking native who shares her adventures through social media… not to mention she’s also pregnant! Athena calls herself a ‘wildwoman (we love that), storyteller, and creator’ in her Instagram bio, and her feed certainly lives up to this title. Her content captures incredible moments in mother-nature as she hikes through the beautiful English countryside.


Lency, @purples_chic

Lency is a mother, wife, Instagrammer, and a hiking enthusiast. Her thoughtful captions and engaging pics are sure to inspire you to get outdoors and experience all that nature has to offer. Her love for the outdoors oozes through the screen as she exhibits all the amazing hiking trails in her local area.


Katie Purling, @mycolourfulworld_

If you’re in need of some serious wanderlust, Katie Purling has you covered. Katie is an inspiring Australian wedding and travel photographer based in Cairns, Tropical North Queensland, who captures beautiful scenes from across the world. Katie inspires us to get outdoors and appreciate our environment, whilst also providing a moment of stillness as you sit in awe of nature’s magnificent wonders.


Kween Werk, @kweenwerk

Kween Werk is an environmentalist, social justice activist, and outdoor enthusiast. She’s also freakin’ hilarious. Her popular Instagram and TikTok accounts promote the amazing affects spending time in the outdoors can have on all of us. Kween Werk also strongly advocates for the rights and representation of the black community through light-hearted and engaging videos, using comedy as a way to connect with her audience (and change the world!)


Di Westaway, @diwestaway

Di Westaway, our very own ‘chief adventure chick,’ is not only an adventure lover, but an inspiring woman to all. Her passion for giving back to the community, whilst also encouraging movement and exercise as a mechanism to challenge your body, rather than change it, is evident in her Instagram as she shares her hiking adventures with her followers.


Nailah Blades, @nailahblades

Nailah Blades is a coach and speaker, and the ‘chief joy maker’ of the inspirational company @wecoloroutside. Her work with the company serves to help women of colour  “create unapologetic, JOY-filled lives through outdoor adventure.” On her personal account, Naiah shares photos with her family, friends, and daily adventures.


Girl Trek, @girltrek

Girl Trek is the largest existent self-care and public health care movement for black women. Girl Trek believes in the power of every day black women to “transform the lives of their families and communities through local activism.” With over 180,000 followers on Instagram, the account shares motivational and inspiring content, attributing some of their posts to the amazing accomplishments of women in their community.


Angela Liguori, @angelaliggs

If you are looking for any reason to get outdoors, Angela Liguori’s Instagram account is sure to be the inspiration you need. Her stunning, wanderlust-inducing images show the incredible experiences you can have when immersing yourself in nature. With an impressive following of over 400,000 people, Angela’s Instagram will definitely get you planning your next hiking adventure!



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