Epic Podcasts To Listen To On Your Next Hike

At Wild Women, we’re all about walking in a T.E.A.M… but sometimes (hey, lockdown) it’s not always possible. Many of us have found ourselves walking solo these past few weeks, which can be a struggle on the motivation front.  

Enter: podcasts. Time and time again I’ve found myself extending my walk ‘just another loop round the block’ because I don’t want my podcast to end, which has done wonders for my daily step count. So, without further ado, here are some Wild Women approved podcasts to get in your ears, stat.  

How To Fail with Elizabeth Day 

This is our Marketing Director Sasha Reid’s all-time fave podcast. It is hosted by the lovely Elizabeth Day, British author and journo with one of the best interview voices we’ve ever heard. Day interviews an incredible array of interesting and inspiring guests but Sasha loves it mainly because of the premise: “understanding why we fail ultimately makes us stronger, because learning how to fail in life actually means learning how to succeed better”.  

In particular, check out her interview with Matt Haig, prolific bestselling author and mental health advocate, Alain de Botton, modern philosopher and founder of The School of Life, and Mo Gawdat who has an amazing story about coming up with an algorithm for happiness after losing his son. 



Short and sweet episodes that will inspire you to live a more mindful life, this ABC podcast is a gem amongst gems. It includes some gorgeous, guided meditations we encourage you to try while you’re out walking… you’ll return home feeling on top of the world. 

The Imperfects Podcast 

If you’re one of us who can get a little caught up in being… ya know… perfect, this podcast is for you. Hosted by Hugh van Cuylenberg, founder of the Resilience Project, and comedian Ryan Shelton, this podcast interviews some of Australia’s most inspiring people about how perfectly imperfect we all are.  

The Dropout 

I love good journalistic podcasts that tell an epic story, episode by episode, and this one is a cracker. Hosted by the brilliant journalist Rebecca Jarvis, it tells the unbelievable true story of Elizabeth Holmes, founder of the now-defunct health-tech startup Theranos. In 2015, Forbes listed her as the world’s youngest female self-made billionaire, and her blood testing technology promised to revolutionise the healthcare industry by performing hundreds of tests from a single drop of blood. Only… it didn’t actually work. 

Claiming Your Confidence 

A (live) on-air panic attack resulted in a huge dent in confidence for newsreader Katrina Blowers and prompted her to create this podcast – Claiming Your Confidence. She speaks with athletes, authors, musicians, CEOs, political leaders and artists who share their stories about gaining, losing and achieving confidence and living their most confident life.


You’re Wrong About 

Possibly one of my all-time fave podcasts that has nothing to do with being happier or healthier but is just a joy to listen to is called ‘You’re Wrong About’.  It’s hosted by these two super smart American journalists who talk about things you might think you know about… but actually don’t. Exploring (and explaining) everything from the O.J Simpson Trial to Princess Diana to the Satanic Panic, it is funny and fascinating and makes you feel smarter just by listening.  

The Five of My Life 

Nigel Marsh, journalist, author (and founder of the Sydney Skinny!) hosts this great pod where he interviews prominent personalities about their fave film, book, song, place and possession. He’s interviewed everyone from The Guilty Feminist’s Deborah Frances White (another great podcast I’d recommend) to Former PM and Beyond Blue’s Chair Julia Gillard to man-of-the-moment Dr Norman Swan. We’d recommend his interview with our Founder and Chief Adventure Chick Di Westaway because, well, it’s a beaut.  


The Adventures Of Wild Women Podcast 

Created by our Wild Women sisters in Canada, this awesome podcast is just so inspirational. Amazing, heart-wrenching stories of women whose overcome challenges and transformed their lives through adventure. If you’re feeling a little blah and need a kick up the bum to get stuff done… this one will sort you right out!  

Happier with Gretchen Rubin  

This podcast is perfect if you want some tactical tips and strategies to be a little bit happier. Hosts Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft chat about the latest in happiness hacks, from taking a nap to cleaning your room to… you guessed it… walking away from a bad mood. These two rays of sunshine will make you smile just by having them in your ears. 

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