Why We Love Skinny Dipping (And Other Exhilarating Activities)

By Di Westaway | Chief Adventure Chick | Wild Women On Top

If you're feeling uninspired, static, bored, or a little bit 'meh' right now, I get it. Because I've been there.

The hours turn into days, the days turn into weeks, and soon you can't remember the last time you did something fun, exciting or rejuvenating that made you feel alive.

But we all need to do something thrilling and daring every now and again. Not just because it unleashes our inner child and fills us with a lust for life, but because awe and exhilaration is actually good for our health! 

Scientists believe awe triggers curiosity and a desire to explore, as well as increasing circulation, supporting immunity, and boosting health. 

On the eve of World Nude Hiking Day, we thought we'd share some wild and wonderful ways you can experience natural exhilaration and get your vitality back.

Skinny Dipping

This cheeky challenge is a Wild Women favourite. We’ve skinny dipped in pristine pools, streams, hot springs and waterfalls all over the world.

It’s never compulsory, but those who take the plunge get a thrill which can become addictive. 

The hardest part is taking your clothes off. However, you very quickly realise that nobody is going to judge you (actually noone cares!), everyone is a little insecure, and all bodies are beautiful. Then it's done and you’re in.  

Skinny dipping is one of life’s most sensual experiences. The refreshing water caresses your flesh, your breasts defy gravity like helium balloons, the water tingles your skin and you feel deeply connected with nature. It is one of life’s most delightful, yet rarely indulged, pleasures. It's pure magic. 

Walking In The Rain

Another Wild Women favourite is walking in torrential rain. This is not something most of us are immediately drawn to, but once you commit, it's wildly fabulous. Mundane local grassy slopes and stairways become raging torrents. Tracks become waterfalls and reserves become lakes. Puddles become cardio and gutters become obstacles. 

A good raincoat and boots are all you need to turn a rainy walk into an exhilarating adventure. It's a great way to unleash your inner child again!

Walking In The Dark

Night adventures are another great way to leap out of your comfort zone to where magic happens. When you rug up, pop your head torch on, grab your buddies and venture out into the dark, you’ll experience excitement, fun and adventure at every turn. All your senses are heightened as you explore nature through new eyes. 

And if it’s a full moon or a starry night, you’ll be astonished at the fabulous feelings that ensue. You won’t even need your head torch on a full moon. The light is so bright you’ll see the trail easily, along with possums, owls and other nocturnal wildlife.

Plunging Into Icy Water

It feels fabulous to plunge into icy water. On the Walls of Jerusalem hike in Tasmania, the pristine pools are enticing and bracing and you’ll love the tingles you get when you jump out. In an ocean rockpool off the coast of Wilson’s Prom in Victoria, you’ll feel the joy of being swirled around by the tide and the swell. 

From fresh billabongs on the Jatbula Trail, to the sparkling secret coves of Sydney Harbour, we dive in at every opportunity. No matter where you find them, your icy water dips will always bring natural exhilaration. 

To incorporate the thrill of cold water into your regular routine, try early morning swims at the beach or ocean pool, a dip in a billabong or natural stream, or - at a pinch - a cold shower will do the trick! 

Getting Wild In Waterfalls

There’s nothing quite like the joy of finding a waterfall and plunging in. You can choose to jump like a daredevil from the top. You may leap from a midway rock ledge. You can shimmy in gently from the side. Or you can slide behind a waterfall as the misty spray refreshes your senses. 

If you’re in the jungles of Rinjani National Park, you can even leap over a hot waterfall - bubbling from the volcanic thermal pools above - into the warm waters below. You’ll learn to manage risk and choose your challenge to match your skills, experience and appetite for risk. 

Keep in mind not all waterfalls are safe and they can be really dangerous! Use good judgement and always follow the rules of the park you are in. 

Sleeping Under The Stars

If you’ve done the Jatbula, Bungle Bungles or Larapinta trails, you might have been lucky enough to sleep under the stars. There’s nothing quite like snuggling into your toasty warm sleeping bag, pulling the hood over your head, and staring up at the Milky Way. 

You don’t have to be in the wilderness to experience this wonder of nature from a sleeping bag. Just set yourself up in the backyard (or even on your balcony!) and you’ll be amazed at how much fun it is. 

These cheeky, thrilling, awesome, daring encounters may seem totally wild. But they take you out of your comfort zone and leave you charged with a pure kind of electricity that makes you squeal with delight. They're the moments that make life magic. 

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