How to hack your mid-year reset: This is NOT another post about goal setting

At the beginning of the year, for the first time ever, I bought myself a Goals Journal. This was going to be my year where I mapped out my life in a set of quadrants (work/health & fitness/relationships/travel – you’re welcome to interchange accordingly) in an effort to stay on track. I don’t love goal setting – never have – I find it very confronting and overwhelming, and while many around me are scribbling away setting their goals for the year, I sit, paralysed with panic. So it won’t surprise you that my Goals Journal is full of empty pages (apart from the first one – gold star to me for making an attempt!). I’ve been researching (ie googling) some top tips for a mid-year reset and while information is plentiful, it’s also mind-boggling, so I’ve decided to do a proverbial sweep of the desktop and revamp the way I look at the second half of 2023.   

“Know your purpose. If you are clear on why you are doing something, then that sense of purpose will sustain you.”
– Julia Gillard 

I’m going to follow the advice of one of the most resilient women in Australia, Julia Gillard (see inspirational quote above) and reframe my mindset from ‘setting a goal’ to ‘knowing my purpose’. For those of you who’ve been doing this for years, I’m sorry, please humour me. Here we go. 

Purpose: To enjoy the buzz that getting outside your comfort zone brings  

NB: This could also be called “Get back to loving a fitness challenge rather than being scared of it.” 

Ten years ago I ran the New York Marathon. I don’t really have any great desire to do another marathon unless it’s one of those big iconic destination marathons (which hello cost of living, I won’t be able to afford for a while). But I do want to experience the trepidation, the agony and the thrill of taking on a seemingly insurmountable challenge and reaping the endorphin-raising benefits of completing it, just as I did when I rounded that corner into Central Park and the finish line in front of all those New Yorkers. So how am I going to do this?  I’m taking the advice of ultra-athlete and Coastrek Ambassador Cath Wallis: 

“Choose a goal that speaks to your heart and then pay the entry fee! Because the combination of something you really want and having committed the $$ is very powerful.”

So, for the latter half of 2023, I’ve signed up – and paid for – a 12km trail run in Lake Macquarie, the 14km Sydney City to Surf in August and, drum roll please… the 35km hike with Coastrek Margaret River in October. I’m a little undercooked for the trail run this month but I’m on my way. I’ll be nervous at the start line but buoyed by knowing that’s all part of the purpose of my mid-year reset.  

Purpose: Relieve Anxiety by getting the monkey(s) off my back  

This mid-year reset isn’t as exciting as emulating a New York Marathon high – but it’s become a purpose I can’t ignore. It’s probably as close as I’ll get to budget setting as the UN is to achieving world peace (sadly – on both counts).  

Yes, this one is all about ‘Life Admin’ and I’m going to get down to the brass tacks and not just ‘make some lists’ but ‘make some appointments’. These include scheduling some uncomfortable interactions with: 

  • My accountant 
  • My dentist  
  • My local skin cancer clinic 
  • My mechanic. 

These things are not fun – but checking off a list like this is very satisfying and rather than hiding in the dark in the hopes these things will go away, I’ll be closer to reaching my purpose and living without the anxiety while they stay.  

Side note – for those curly budgetary challenges, @moneywithjess keeps it real and accountable.  

Purpose: Improve my lifestyle by embracing these two routines  

Notice I said ‘embracing’ and not ‘achieving’? Because this one is really a journey! I feel a little embarrassed admitting that I struggle with these behaviours, but I cannot avoid them any longer: 

Early mornings: I’m going to start slowly and get up half an hour earlier than normal. If I do this, it opens up a world of choices about how I spend that time and means I can tick some wellbeing, self-care and mindfulness boxes. Plus I get to spend some quality time with my dog, which should be an inspiration in itself! 

Meal planning: I am not a cook. I have struggled with cooking my entire life – it does not bring me joy – but I cannot avoid it any longer. Again, I’ll start slowly and master three meal preps per week and get off the roundabout of last-minute unhealthy and expensive options and approach shopping, prepping and cooking with achieving my purpose of a better lifestyle. For anyone playing along, @wholesomebysarah is a fabulous resource for quick, healthy and easy-to-prepare meals. 

A mid-year reset is a test of resilience, because even though you might not be where you want to be, taking stock and charting a new course deserves a woohoo! Manifest, visualise, prioritise, revamp, reset and if you must, goal set. Stay resilient (or practice it anyway)! I wish you well on reaching your purpose. 


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