How To Hit Reset and Thrive In 2022

No doubt many of us would have a few choice words to describe 2021 (and 2020 for that matter!), but as we head into a new year it’s time to set the tone for 2022, ready ourselves to hit reset and manifest some positivity. 

We all know new year resolutions never stick and the key to achieving any goal is a change in behaviour and pinpointing actions rather than just desires. Of course, make it your goal to drink less, exercise more, pursue that hobby, spend more time with family, but when we lose our way – which we inevitably do from time to time – holding firm to the old adage “start as you mean to go on” rings true.

So with that in mind, here’s a simple question:  If you could think of one word that sets your intentions for 2022, what would it be?

A team of experts (ie friends, family, colleagues, husbands, neighbours) have shared their wisdom below to get you started to hit reset…


It’s easy to get ahead of ourselves but this is a reminder that the simplest of actions inspires calm, helps us feel rejuvenated and gives a sense of relaxation.  It’s about appreciating the little things and the moment you are in rather than all the things beyond our control.  Sage advice from a woman who has juggling multiple responsibilities in her DNA.

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This already high-spirited friend surprised me with this choice as she exudes this day in day out – but perhaps that’s because it’s been her ‘word’ all along?  She says this is a mantra of sorts, a reminder to keep spirits high when things are low; to maintain a sense of joie de vivre and spirit of adventure fired up by staying hopeful, seeing new places, getting out in nature, trying something new for no particular reason –  just because; and to bring that energy, enthusiasm and courage to uplift her team, her friends and her community: “When there’s a spirit of cooperation or loyalty, or a shared dream amazing things can happen.”

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Many of us crave it, few of us master it.  It’s often the most capable among us who are quietly crippled with a lack of confidence – but not in 2022!  In the words of this young Mum: “I have backed myself this year and taken the plunge into new challenges which has been the BEST move for me. My friends and family can see how much happier I am and it feels like my life is getting even better, so I’m taking that into 2022 with me.”

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Life is fragile and fleeting. We are reminded of this even more so with the passing of loved ones and caring for elderly family members and it can send even the most positive of us reeling. Enter 2022 and hit reset with a stronger than ever ‘attitude of gratitude’ and consciously enjoy the precious moments throughout the year, is the focus for one of the most pro-active and positive people I know.

WRITE: Begin each day, or each week, by writing down 3 things you are grateful for in that present moment. It can be as simple as a roof over your head, or clean drinking water. Studies show doing this regularly will have tremendous impacts on your overall happiness.


Sounds simple doesn’t it – NOT!  2021 has been particularly stressful with many of us taking on new responsibilities (hello home schooling) often at the expense of much needed time to ourselves. “I know I need to find time for myself to be a better person for my family so I intend to get outdoors and do more Yoga to keep myself a chilled jellybean for 2022.” And a new trend in jellybeans begins…


There’s been a lot of languishing and ‘coping’ in 2021, and this super positive colleague is just itching to thrive:  “I plan to remind myself of all the things that help me thrive – time in nature, connecting with friends, moving every day, setting solid routines, meditation and yoga, and re-building some of my pre-pandemic habits.”  Something in that for all of us I think…

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We have been in a perpetual Dream phase holding pattern for the better part of two years and my pragmatic friend says it’s time to plan: “In the past I’ve convinced myself that I was being proactive by simply saying ideas out loud – but in 2022 I want to stop dreaming and start planning what, how and when I’m going to make things happen”. Will plan be part of your big hit reset?

Want a lesson in planning?  Take a look at this from former NASA Engineer Mark Rober:

And what is my word, you ask?…


I’ve become way to use to my own company (thanks lockdown) – not always a bad thing, but the pendulum needs to swing a bit more in the direction of social interaction and surrounding myself with good people, and less movies on the couch.  So every time I fall into the habit of going solo, I’ll be reminding myself that no woman is an island.


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