Di Westaway | Founder & CEO

Di Westaway | CEO & Founder Wild Women On Top | Life Changing Adventures | Coastrek.

Di is passionate about inspiring and empowering women and is an expert in women's health, trekking and fitness. She is also an elite athlete and ambassador for ageless vitality. Di's team create adventures to get women walking in nature. She is a former national gymnastics champion and holds the record for the World's Highest Handstand, 6890m on Mr Ama Dablam, Nepal. Check her out 

She says: ‘My mission is to share adventure boldly.  I love inspiring women to transform their lives, face their fears, live their dreams and achieve their goals. Julie McCrossin calls me "indefatigable" and my kids tell me to "stop being so happy in the morning," but I can't. I burst out of bed to inspire others to believe they can fly. Then I help them work out how.’
Her teams have:
  • helped thousands of women transform their lives by getting fit and healthy 
  • raised over $9 million dollars to restore sight to nearly 250,000 people in 5 years,
  • trekked Mt Everest and thousands of kilometers to raise funds for The Fred Hollows Foundation. 
  • inspired hundreds of kilos of weight loss with adventure challenges
  • dramatically improved the mental health of thousands of women
  • Whether it’s reaching out to thousands of trekkers, doing the World’s Highest Handstand, perfecting a protein ball recipe, running along her local Manly Beach or raising millions of dollars for charity, Di loves sharing the health benefits of adventures. 


What Motto or Mantra do you live by? 

 I love going wild by infusing every day with adventure and helping others live lives they love.

What is your favourite aspect about the WWOT community? 

I love watching the faces of our wild women when they overcome the odds and hearing the amazing stories of courage and extraordinary achievements when they leap outside their comfort zone. Adventure provides us with magic moments to lift us out of the day to day routine and help us feel awesome. I like naughty treats, sunrise frolics and moon rise rendezvous on remote clifftops and hidden havens.

What uplifts your Natural Exhilaration?

Getting into nature every day makes me feel awesome. And then once a month I need a mini adventure to lift me higher and every six months I re-energise myself with a wild adventure with family and friends. 

What is next on your bucket list?

I have a big bucket list to shuffle around based on my family, friends and wild women adventures. When a location bursts to the top of the list, I get super excited and start planning how to make it happen. There’s as much fun in the planning and getting fit, as in the adventure. But I love extreme wilderness adventures with high culture and exotic cuisine.

Climbing Mt Olympus with my gorgeous daughter and our Wild Women Grecian Goddesses is next. Trekking across Crete, through the world’s longest gorge to swim in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean – just heaven.

What is the wildest adventure you have been on?

Wow! That’s a tough question. They’re all wonderfully wild but the harder the challenge, and the more remote, the more wild you feel. Doing the world’s highest handstand on Ama Dablam is the hardest wildest adventure but being self sufficient on a full pack trek in Tassie is also super wild. 


3 hour Trek Training around the Manly area, including Georges Heights, Collaroy and Forestville. Session includes interval training, endurance walks, core strength and stretching in beautiful wilderness areas.
Sunrise training is WILD! Join Wild Women On Top for a 90 mins, fast-paced, fun,interval Trek Training session in a beautiful location following by 30 mins of relaxing yoga by the sea.

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