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staff at christmas
Happy Fit Xmas you Wild Ones….You have been super energetic this year with more training, more adventures and more fun than ever before.
It is so tempting to spend the holidays lazing on the couch, binge drinking and mindless eating in the spirit of the holidays.It’s hard not to go back for seconds at Christmas lunch, when the table is laden with delicacies. But how often do we start the New Year with a food baby and no energy, our joy quickly fading as reality sets in? This is the year to change and we're going to show you how.
Nutritious delicious
These crackers are the PERFECT sugar free, rice free, crap free cracker to dip into all your delicious homemade dips this festive season.

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Lord Howe Amazing
Refresh and rejuvenate yourself in this exquisite World Heritage listed paradise. This is an incredibly unique and special experience that is a MUST do.
This fabulous adventure will take you to areas of Middle Head that you may have seen but never explored!
This one day Canyon Adventure is some serious Wild Women fun!

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