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Goal setting
We all have dreams. Some big, some small. Perhaps yours is to climb Kilimanjaro or maybe you’re enticed by the cultural peaks of Bhutan. You may feel they are outlandish, impossible or perhaps you think they roll too far beyond your limits.... One thing I have learnt is that limits are undefined, boundaries are our own creation - so how can you make your impossible possible?
Bella Snow
When I first heard of Wild Women On Top, it went by a different name. I was sitting on the stairs of my childhood home when my mother, a radio journalist/stay-at-home-mum/queen of my universe announced that she was starting a group called Mum’s Kick Arse. Which I thought was the lamest name in the world. It started as a group of school mums, getting out into the beautiful bushland and coastal tracks around Sydney. Today, it’s an empire. A community. A tribe. And for me, it’s time to say goodbye.
Girls Play in Peru
Di Westaway's top weird walking tips to help you have more fun!

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Machu Picchu
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience trekking, culture, gourmet food, spectacular sights and history all in one!
Kinabalu Lisa
This exclusive departure for Wild Women on Top includes an ascent of Mount Kinabalu, where from the summit one can see to the azure waters of the South China Sea.
The Larapinta Trail is one of the finest walks in Australia. Walking the high ridgelines of the West MacDonnell Ranges we gain a rare perspective of vast flood plains, the razorback rocky outcrops and sheer scale of this ancient land.

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