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Di gold handstand
Four weeks ago I got hit by a car on my bike. Unlucky I got hit; lucky I wasn’t squashed. The MRI showed an undisplaced fracture of the tibia and some damage around my knee joint. I quickly shifted my goal from mountain climbing to mending. Here's what I did...
Erica in Corsica
This amazing email from one of our Hard Core Corsica girls, Erica Beaton, was the most beautiful thing I have read all week, and I wanted to share it with you.
Corsica GR20 Girls
It would be wrong of me to call the GR20 a walk. There were very few times during the 11 days on this 200km journey by foot over Corsica that remotely felt like walking.

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Mt Barney
Immerse yourself and be invigorated with this stunning adventure in the World Heritage listed Mt Barney National Park.
Mt Kinabalu
This exclusive departure for Wild Women on Top includes an ascent of Mount Kinabalu, where from the summit one can see to the azure waters of the South China Sea.
Enjoy the serenity and beauty of our own Snowy Mountains. Three days of exhilerating exercise, as you climb towards Mt Kosciuszko and explore Crackenback Valley, and suberb views. Just a little bit of partying and the odd hot chocolate thrown in!!

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