Di’s Healthy Cocktail Is Delicious And Nutritious

healthy cocktail

A healthy cocktail should be delicious as well as a little nutritious! This one is tarty and sweet, packed full of vitamin C, natural sugar and fresh mint, giving you a refreshing kick! It’s perfect for a warm day. You can enjoy this either as it comes or naked (without booze).

I’ll be enjoying this healthy cocktail over the summer, ideally on a clifftop or at a backyard lunch with family. You could also take it on a beach picnic or a longer hike – you’ll just need to enjoy it sans ice.

Makes 1

  •  Juice and vesicles (pulp) of one large, freshly squeezed lime 
  • 1.5 tablespoons of date syrup OR 1.5 tbs raw sugar syrup 
  • 30ml Limoncello 
  • 150ml San Pellegrino Mineral Water
  • 6 muddled mint leaves 
  • Ice  
  1. Combine lime juice and date syrup in a jug and stir vigorously till mixed.
  2. Pop mint in the bottom of the glass and muddle.
  3. Add ice to fill the glass.
  4. Add limoncello.
  5. Add lime juice mixture.
  6. Stir with a swizzle stick and serve with an extra mint sprig and a sliver of lime.

To make it naked, skip the limoncello and use double quantity of lime mixture. 

If you need a jug of this cocktail for a party, times the ingredients by 5 for a 1L jug. Mix the lime, syrup (or raw sugar), limoncello, San Pelligrino Mineral Water and some mint leaves and ice into a jug, then to as many glasses as you need, muddle some mint leaves and add ice. Everyone can top up their glasses as much as needed during the day (or evening) after that.

I hope you love this healthy cocktail as much as I do!

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