This Wild Woman Has The Secret To Long-Term Hiking Friendships

I’ve never set myself a ‘big’ goal. At least that’s what I thought. In the past I’ve always set what I thought to be ‘little’ goals – saving money, running a half marathon, and picking up more hobbies. It’s only since working at Wild Women that I have understood that these goals are, in fact, not so little after all. Each one of them has driven me towards major life achievements; running three half marathons and just recently purchasing my first apartment (yay!). One thing I didn’t connect to goals was their power to build long-term friendships. But that’s exactly what I’ve learned.

This week I sat down with Kath Rothwell, our Coastrek Event Manager, Coastrekker and Wild Woman from way back to talk about goals and long-term friendships. For the past 10 years, Kath has been inspired by what she refers to as Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGS), influenced – in fact – by an article featuring Wild Women On Top Founder Di Westaway OAM!

Her first BHAG: Coastrek.

Tell me about your first Coastrek…

My first Coastrek was in 2012. I’d read an article that featured Di Westaway and how awesome it was to set Big Hairy Audacious Goals, bigger than you ever thought you could imagine and then achieve them. It was so inspiring; I gathered some friends from my local fitness class and community, and we signed up two teams for the 50km Coastrek from Palm Beach to Balmoral. Back then the choice was 50km or 100km.

We’ve heard you still walk with your same Coastrek team members?! What keeps your walking group together?

I sure do! Ever since our first Coastrek back in 2012. We loved walking together and loved to set some Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGS) so much so that we decided to go on and complete another Coastrek 55km, Wild Endurance 50km in the Blue Mountains and 3 x 100km Oxfam Trailwalkers. It was the BHAGs that kept us going. It was great to have something to work towards and a focus for our training each year. We all looked forward to our training sessions together, comparing notes on our snacks and new gear, trekking on different routes and solving world issues… okay maybe not the world, but certainly our own. Post every event we’d plan a post-event dinner with partners and kids to discuss all the highlights and maybe sore muscles, big blisters and a lost toenail or two over a wine!

What made you want to work with Coastrek?

After completing Coastrek, I saw that Wild Women on Top was advertising for more trek coaches. I was already a trained Personal Trainer, and I absolutely loved walking in nature, so I took on a traineeship to become a trek trainer. This was on top of managing a business and working part-time. My part-time work turned into full-time work so the trek training had to stop for a while. Fast forward six years… right time, right role and I made the jump over to the Coastrek team! I’m now in a role that aligns so well with my previous role, plus my trek training, it was like the perfect fit.

You have heaps of experience as a coach, Coastrekkers, wellbeing professional and event manager – what are your top Coastrek tips?
  • Consistent training over a variety of distances and terrain
  • Good gear: shoes, socks (double layer), clothing, trekking poles (they can really save your knees, and feet, stop your fingers from swelling & you get a great arm workout)
  • Balanced nutrition: water, electrolytes, food choices
  • Training with and working as a team

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