Activewear You Can Wear To The Office

Activewear you can wear to the office

Are you sick of activewear yet? I know I’m not. I have to admit, as lockdown lifts and we make the slow transition back into office life, I’m going to miss staying in my comfy clothes all day. But does re-entering the office really mean we need to say goodbye to wearing our favourite leggings every day? Apparently not.

Introducing ‘workleisure’, the new trend otherwise known as ‘activewear you can wear to the office’. Yep, it’s time to ditch your heels and restrictive blouses, baby… comfort is here to stay.

Of course, it all comes down to the type of work you do and the workplace you are in, but many employers are seeing the benefits of this shift in corporate style. Wild Women not only allow but embrace workleisure, as employees more likely to participate in healthy activities such as cycling to work, walking meetings and lunchtime yoga.

Many brands are now catching onto the workplace shift in attire, creating comfortable pieces that won’t have you sacrificing style. So, I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite activewear you can wear to the office that’ll have heads turning.

Structured Outerwear

For many of us, the jumpers we wear around the house or on a walk can tend to be a bit ‘sloppy’ and may not be suitable for the office. But, many brands are now creating ‘elevated cardigans’ and more ‘casual blazers’ that hit the sweet spot between activewear and office attire.

P.E. Nation is an innovator in the ‘athleisure’ world and their outerwear items are absolutely stunning. Their products are functional for exercise, but more importantly, they look super cute for day-to-day wear. Though they are on the pricier end, from personal experience I can say their products have a long wear life, so consider their clothes as ‘investment pieces’. The sleek yet bold style makes their pieces the perfect office attire, and once the clock hits 5pm, you’ll be ready to go to Pilates!

Elevated Yoga Pants

Lululemon is paving the way for ‘office-appropriate-activewear’, and have hit the mark when it comes to an elevated yoga pant look. They have a whole section on their website titled ‘work’ which features a variety of clothing tailored to being comfortable yet looking fab while in your workplace. They’re the perfect pieces to transition from hiking in the wilderness to sitting at your desk, and best of all, you can look and feel good while doing all of it!

Flowy T-Shirts

Lightweight, flowy tunic tops are the perfect transitional item that you don’t need to put away when Monday rolls around. Many brands have started making breathable, yet stylish ones that look great paired with a simple black pair of leggings. Alternatively, pair them with some work pants if you prefer to be a bit more dressed up in the office. Nike, Lorna Jane and Cotton On Body make some great options.

Printed Leggings

You can either go two routes here: a simple approach with leggings that are printed to resemble work pants, or stand out in the office in some funky printed leggings. These look great with a simple fitted long sleeve and some slip-on flats. Some of my favourite brands that do these are Lululemon, Dharma Bums and Sweaty Betty.

Sporty Shoes

‘Sporty sneakers’ are the new trend on the horizon, and I’m totally into it. Balancing comfort with fashion, this style is perfect if you’re not super comfortable with wearing your ASICs to the office but still want to comfortably go for a walk after work. Some of my favourites are done by a brand called Veja, who perfectly hit this mark.

I hope it helps you invest in activewear you truly love, that helps motivate you to move more and feel better! Here’s some tips on the best activewear to invest in for summer.

in activewear you can wear to the office is just one way to improve your wellbeing at work. Learn more workplace wellbeing habits at our FREE Facebook Live event on Thursday 4 November. Details and register here.

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