50 Things To Do While Hiking

outdoor hiking

There are many reasons why hiking is not like other exercise. It’s fun, for starters. Outdoors. Social. Free. Accessible.

It’s also a great way to multitask. There are heaps of things you can do while you’re hiking – some of them fun, some of them productive, some just part of the adventure. So take a look at our favorite 50 things you can do while hiking!

Here are our favourites…

  1. Meditate.
  2. Problem solve.
  3. Connect with new friends.
  4. Tell stories.
  5. Eat chocolate.
  6. Brainstorm business strategy.
  7. Vent about your problems.
  8. Dodge spider webs.
  9. Ponder your finances.
  10. Contemplate your wardrobe.
  11. Contemplate your lover.
  12. Help your kids with their times tables.
  13. Give your kids bike-riding practice.
  14. Plan your next adventure.
  15. Smell the flowers.
  16. Think about phoning your Mum.
  17. Phone your Mum.
  18. Leave your Mum a voicemail.
  19. Ponder your relationship with your Mum.
  20. Duck under branches.
  21. Sip a takeaway latte in your favourite mug.
  22. Chat to your friends.
  23. Find a clifftop lookout for a cuppa.
  24. Change a tampon (true story).
  25. Take a pee in a hygienic environment.
  26. Laugh till it hurts.
  27. Dance.
  28. Spot whales.
  29. Fight with your kids.
  30. Fight with your lover.
  31. Get some perspective.
  32. See the bigger picture.
  33. Reconnect with your lover.
  34. Hold hands with your lover.
  35. Kiss your lover.
  36. Share secrets with your friends.
  37. Count sheep.
  38. Count kangaroos.
  39. Leap streams.
  40. Laugh with your son.
  41. Laugh AT your son.
  42. Scamper with your daughter.
  43. Count puddles.
  44. Slip over.
  45. Climb trees.
  46. Fall over.
  47. Plan what you’re buying your family for Christmas.
  48. Plan what you’re buying yourself for Christmas.
  49. Destress from work issues.
  50. Have an adventure…

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