Get An Instant Mood Boost With These Tiny Rituals

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We’ve all heard of incidental exercise –things like taking the stairs instead of the lift, setting up the printer at the other end of the office or walking to the café up the hill rather than down.  So, what if we adopted this approach and started to get an instant mood boost with these tiny rituals? 

Try A Colour Walk

Heading out for a walk is already a great start to get an instant mood boost. Here’s a hack to add a little extra joy, adopted by @MrandMrsRomance during lock downs last year: the colour walk. 

  1. Simply pick a colour when you head out and start observing where this colour exists around you. 
  2. Take pics and share or simply enjoy it for yourself. 

I guarantee you’ll start to appreciate your surroundings even more. Particularly for urban city dwellers – even graffiti will take on a whole new vibe!

Sip An Anti-Anxiety Tea

Whilst there are many exotic tastes across the globe that can elicit a decadent amount of joy, the humble cup of tea is the go-to feel-good elixr we’ve all come to rely on.  So what if your daily cup of tea brought an extra lift to your mood with it?  The appropriately named ‘Happy Days’ blend from Mood contains Ashwagandha, an ancient ayurvedic super-herb used to reduce cortisol, anxiety and stress, and boost energy – AND, all profits go towards funding mental health projects and saving young lives.  This, to me, is pure joy.

Light A Sweet-Smelling Candle

I’ve just moved house and, eager to put my own stamp on the new environment, I’ve been nesting.  One of the most potent ways I’ve found to create a sense of home and bring a little joy is through the sense of smell and this fabulous Australian made range of candles and diffusers has brought me both joy and zen!  You can stay local (I’m a big fan of the “Bondi” lime & coconut) or travel the world – Ibiza, Bora Bora, Cancun and the Maldives await! 

Dance To The Angelic Voice Of Harry Styles

Taste in music is purely subjective, but after the internet blew up with Harry Styles hitting the stage with Shania Twain at Coachella – man, I feel a woman with immense amounts of joy!  Controversial, but my favourite from Harry is still Adore You (sorry Shania).  Another completely unrelated, but equally as joyful song that’s go me dancing around the new pad is Big Energy – the original is great but the remix by Latto featuring DJ Khaled and Mariah Carey is even greater!

Relax And Have A Massage

Massage…the mere mention elicits a sense of calm. Whether it’s a quick rub of the temples, some neck and shoulder love at the end of a long day or a two-hour indulgence, it’s clear that massage definitely brings joy.  Who knew that ‘massage’ took on so many forms around the world: snake, fish, elephant (!), snail and even beer are all recruited as part of the massage experience – but closer to home, the Aboriginal Kodo massage sounds like bliss.  Melbourne Coastrekkers might want to check it out at Peninsula Hot Springs.

These are just a few ways to create incidental moments of joy into your lives!

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