The Best-Off-The-Beaten-Track Camping Spots In New South Wales

By The Wild Women On Top Team

When Wild Women go camping, we really go camping. We don't like the popular, touristy hot-spots. We want to find secluded places full of natural beauty and tranquility. And, of course, the campsite needs to be close to epic trails and adventures.

The Wild Women team are letting you in on our favourite places to camp in New South Wales that are off the beaten track. Book them in for your Christmas holidays, ASAP. 

Euroka Campground 

Nestled in the Blue Mountains near Glenbrook, Euroka Campground is a great spot, close to some of the state's most spectacular hikes and bushwalks. There's plenty of space and the campsites are spread out, so you should be able to find a private spot to pitch your tent. This campsite is surrounded by glorious, towering gum trees in the Blue Mountains National Park. It does have fabulous fire pits, but make sure you bring your own wood! 

Yagon Campground

If you're a Wild Woman who loves the sound of the ocean, the sand between your toes, and going for a cheeky dip in the moonlight, Yagon Campground near Seal Rocks is a great option. Ignore its busy neighbour, Trechery - Yagon is more secluded, quieter and nestled in amongst the trees. It's not far from Sydney and is just a walk away from practically deserted, pristine beaches. It's the perfect blend of bush and coast and you'll find stunning walks along the headland. It's a great location for a long weekend getaway. 

North Era Campground

North Era Campground is in Sydney's Royal National Park on the Coast Track. The 26km hike from Bundeena to Otford is a favourite of ours, with the trail exploring the sparkling coastline, dense bushland, and secluded beaches. This campsite can only be accessed by foot, which is what makes it so special - it's extremely quiet. Campers need to be self-sufficient, so you'll have to bring your own water for drinking, washing, and cooking.

Late winter and early spring is a great time to explore the Royal National Park because it's not too warm and you'll still get the chance to catch glimpses of whales and dolphins on the horizon. Don't forget to hike around to the glorious Figure 8 Pools! 

Royal National Park Wild Women Walking.jpg

Yadboro Flat Campground 

Yadboro Flat campground is located in Morton National Park which is home to some magical and challenging hiking trails. In this wild and remote region, you'll marvel at primeval rock pagodas, soaring sandstone cliffs, and towering mountains. 

You can spend the day walking The Castle - one of the best hiking adventures in New South Wales. After a night by the campfire, you can explore the iconic Pigeon House Mountain and experience the sweeping views of Morton National Park from the peak. 

We love camping here in late Spring, when the weather's not too hot but you've got the early sunrises and late sunsets. It's one of Di Westaway's all-time favourite spots. 


Newnes is by the Wolgan River in the Wollemi National Park, just outside Lithgow. This site is quite difficult to access and campers need to navigate narow roads and dusty tracks to get there, but the effort is well worth it. The campsite is in a valley, surrounded by imposing rocky moutains. You can build campfires and go for a dip in the quiet creeks around the site. If you're heading there during busy camping periods (Easter, Christmas, public holiday weekends), make sure you get there early because it does get busy! There are some challenging hikes in the area, with Mystery Mountain being one of the highlights. 

Our Digital Content Producer Sophia camped here often growing up, and she has fond memories of sitting by a crackling campfire in July, watching the sun set over the mountains. But she says if you're planning to go in the winter holidays, you'll need to rug up!

Kanangra-Boyd National Park

Kanangara-Boyd National Park is a hidden gem near the Blue Mountains. Pitch your tent in the Boyd River Campground under the tall gums, and you'll be joined quickly by the local kangaroos, sugar gliders, wombats, and possums. 

There are plenty of moderate to challenging hikes in the area, including the walk to Kanangra Walls which provides sweeping views of the deep gorge and sheer cliffs. 

Our Marketing Co-ordinator Lisa reckons this is one of the best views in Australia. We're with her. 

Thredbo Diggings Campground

If you're looking for a campsite that's further away from the city, features serene landscapes and stunning views of the Snowy Mountains, this is the spot for you. It's the best of the Aussie bush in its iconic, rustic beauty.

You can spend the day climbing Australia's highest mainland mountain - Mount Kosciuszko - and relax by the campfire at night with some gourmet goodies. 

Thredbo is magical in the spring, because the flowers are back in bloom after a cold August. But if you love the snow, and you're feeling hard-core, it's frosty and beautiful in winter. Pitch your tent and head to the slopes for a ski holiday... on the cheap! 

Seven Mile Beach 

Seven Mile Beach is on the New South Wales South Coast and is an epic combination of coast and rugged bushland. It's one of our Marketing Manager Sasha's favourite places to pitch her tent, because you fall asleep and wake up to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach and native birds singing.

Being close to the water, it's a golden summer holiday escape. And there are some great trails in and around the Budderoo National Park.

Join us in the wild and find out what adventures we've got in store today!



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