5 Ways To Supercharge Your Daily Walk

Your Daily Walk

We all know how beneficial walking can be, both mentally, physically and spiritually. But sometimes, despite this, we really don’t feel like getting outside. To combat boredom and add some extra health benefits to your daily walk, try these five activities: 

Colour Walk 

Before you head out for your daily walk, pick a colour and try and spot as many objects as possible that match the colour! It’s a great way to stay present, connect with nature, unwind and recharge, all while getting your steps up!   

Rubbish Clean Up  

Here’s a great way to build fitness and help the environment! Next time you go on a walk, take a garbage bag and gloves with you and pick up rubbish along the way. It’s a great way to stay distracted, feel very smug and can give a sense of purpose to your daily walk. Plus, the planet will thank you! 

Walk At Twilight 

Walking at sunset and into the twilight brings a quiet peace that can be very nurturing and healing. Take your walk as the sun sets and breathe in the fresh air. Don’t forget your head torch… it can get very dark once that sun goes down!  

Walk With a Mate.  

Whether two legged or four, walking with a mate is a guaranteed way to brighten up your walk.  

You know your doggo is going to love helping you get your steps up, so spoil them and yourself with some extra walkies.  

If you don’t have a four-legged friend, a mate will do 😉 Chatting away with a friend is a great way to pass the time and turn your walk into a social occasion. If nobody is near enough to pop out with you, phone a friend, sibling or parent while you hit the trails.  

Set Yourself a Challenge. 

Many of us have a competitive side, so why not take advantage of that and challenge yourself! For a week, set out on a 30-minute walk. The challenge is to see if you can get more and more steps each day! This means walking a little faster each day. It sounds simple but it really works!  


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