A Simple Morning Routine for WFH Days

When you’re working from home, it’s easy to roll out of bed at 8.45am, chug down some coffee, and slide straight into your 9am meeting. And if that makes you feel like your best, most productive self… I salute you. If not… you might need a simple morning routine.

There are some very easy ways to make your morning work with you, not against you. And no, we’re not going to suggest waking up at 5am for a series of complex challenges such as a HIIT workout, 30 mins of meditation, gratitude journaling and an 11-step green smoothie recipe, because that’s just not our vibe.  

Here is a simple morning routine to make your work-from-home days a little bit healthier, happier, and more productive.

Wake up naturally

Work-from-home days give us the freedom to wake without an alarm, and it’s beautiful to make the most of it. When we allow ourselves to wake up without an alarm, we are more in sync with our circadian rhythm, and generally feel less tired and groggy upon waking.

If you’re likely to sleep ‘til noon without an alarm to wake you up, consider what time you’re getting to bed! Lights out at 10pm should do the trick.

Move in a way that feels good

Some people swear by their morning HIIT session to kick-start their day, while others prefer a gentler movement practice in the morning. Try a few options and notice what brings the most joy, then stick with that.

A few gentle stretches followed by a walk to your favorite coffee shop is enough – just getting outdoors and warming the body will make you feel better

A little gratitude

If it feels right, a gratitude journal is a nice option, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Instead, try just noticing a few lovely things about your surroundings, such as the way the sunlight creeps into your bedroom, the smell of your freshly-ground coffee or having a nice clean pair of socks to wear.

Drink some water!

Sure, you can put lemon or mint or berries into it if that’s your jam. Or you can just get it out of the tap and drink it. Either way, getting a couple of cups in before starting work with help you think better (and move more, cos you’ll have to get up to wee!)

Do a 10-minute task

Outer order, inner calm. So often, the things that are hanging over our heads take less than 10 minutes to complete, so pick a task and cross it off your list. Whether you make your bed, tidy up from breakfast, book your car in for a service or put that load of washing on, crossing something small off your to-do list will feel fantastic.  

Decide when you’re going to walk

Whether you go before work, at lunchtime, at 3pm or after work, a walk is a walk – it’s amazing for your body at any time of the day. But, we’re much more likely to stick to it if we mentally (or verbally) commit. Let someone know when you’re planning to walk, and you’ll have a little extra accountability when the excuses rise.

Remember, this simple morning routine is not a comprehensive list, nor do you have to do everything on it to have a great morning. Find what feels good. Make room for flexibility. And when in doubt… just go for a little walk.

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