Kelli Jackson

Kelli left her safe accounting job in 2018 to go unicycle around the world. Only she couldn't actually ride a unicycle! Along the way, she wanted to 'give something back' to community, but not many people wanted to learn to unicycle. She took on leading a small community outdoors group in Canberra. Over the past five years she has helped get over 4,500 Canberra women into the outdoors. In 2021, Kelli was nominated as Australian of The Year (Local Hero Awards - ACT), and in 2022, won the ACT Woman of the Year award for her voluntary work with her community. She is a proud MACPAC Ambassador, has spent time in the middle east as a deployed civilian, once went 23 days without food. She is a former Search & Rescue member, teaches survival skills in her small business - Bushsafe, and has since unicycled the length of two countries (Taiwan and South Korea). Kelli is also the first person in the world (outside that country) to have unicycled in North Korea.