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With Wild Women on Top’s regular TREK TRAINING sessions, you can choose a membership package that suits you best. We are all about choice and flexibility with sessions offered 7 days a week ranging from 2hr or 3hr, early morning, mid morning and evening and a choice of over 18 locations around Sydney and the Illawarra.


WILD WELCOME!     “Getting Started Wild Woman.”

If you are new to trekking or just want to “try us out” this is perfect for you. You can attend as many sessions as you like during a 14 day period. You will experience a great mix of Adventure Fitness Workouts, meet the girls and be warmly welcomed by our fabulous Adventure Fitness Coaches.

WILD 10 PACK!        “Committed/Dedicated Wild Woman.”

If you prefer to lock in to just one regular session per week this could be the package for you. Choose your session length (2hr or 3hr) and book in for 10 sessions in a 15 week period. This package is flexible, allowing you to attend more than one session per week if you choose.

WILD UNLIMITED!  “Unstoppable/Dynamic Wild Woman.”

If you plan to train more than 3hrs per week, then this is the best value package for you. Take your fitness and trekking readiness to another level with this plan and enjoy a huge range of additional benefits including; more than 18 sessions each week to choose from, flexibility to mix and match as many 2hr and 3hr sessions as you like, access to Sunday morning Trip Training and Coast Trek sessions and great discounts on WWOT Wild Walks and Wild Weekends?????.

WILD SINGLE! “One off Wild Woman.”

If you are looking to attend an occasional session or invite a friend for a single session then our Wild Single session is just what you need.

Package Options

Item Period Cost Buy
Unlimited Intro Offer (new clients only - only available for purchase once)*^ 2 weeks $49.00 Buy
Unlimited Trek Training - Minimum 3 month (13 week) commitment^ 3 months $55.00 per week Buy
Unlimited Trek Training - Minimum 6 month (26 week) commitment^ 6 months $47.90 per week Buy
Unlimited Trek Training - Minimum 12 month (52 week) commitment^ 12 months $43.90 per week Buy
2 hr Trek Training - SESSIONS ARE VALID FOR 30 DAYS FROM PURCHASE.^  1 session $50 Buy
2 hr Trek Training - 10 PACKS ARE VALID FOR 15 WEEKS FROM ACTIVATION.^ 10 sessions $437 Buy
3 hr Trek Training - SESSIONS ARE VALID FOR 30 DAYS FROM PURCHASE.^ 1 session $60 Buy
3 hr Trek Training - 10 PACKS ARE VALID FOR 15 WEEKS FROM ACTIVATION. ^ 10 session $547 Buy
Lifetime Adventure Membership - one time purchase Lifetime $125 Buy
Gift Card - 2 Week Intro pass! Let someone special in on your secret adventure!
Gift card $49 Buy

* New clients only. Please complete this Intro Offer form before purchasing.
^There are no refunds, or credits for 'late cancelled' or 'no show' sessions and no extensions on the expiry dates. By purchasing these products you agree to the T&C's on our website

Select one of the options above. Once you've purchased your Trek Training package, please REMEMBER to sign into your group sessions to secure your place.

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