About Wild Women On Top

Wild Women On Top was founded in 2002 by Di Westaway, after she suffered a ‘mid-wife’ crisis. She found a solution to her sadness in a mountain quest which inspired her to transform her life.


Four years later, Di coached a group of 15 women to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro, 5,982m. She learned that extreme wilderness challenges not only bring natural exhilaration but require more physical fitness, mental and emotional ‘tuffness’, team work and toasty warm socks than she’d ever imagined.


She also found that friends, positive thinking, preparation, wet wipes and zip-lock bags make life a whole lot more fun in the wilderness, and that the lessons from a challenging adventure can be used to manage traumatic bad-hair days and worse in our day-to-day lives.


She was inspired to help women prepare for adventure challenges. To teach them the lessons she learned the hard way in order for them to achieve extraordinary goals and lead adventurous lives.


In 2007, coach Lisa Marshall discovered and loved Di’s vision, shared her passion and soon became Director of Wild Women On Top. Together, they created the iconic Coastrek Brand and positioned Wild Women On Top as experts in Trek Training and Wild Adventures for women.


Our teams have trekked iconic locations around the world including Everest Base Camp, Mt Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu, Bhutan, Patagonia, GR 20 Corsica, Mt Fansipan, Mt Kinabalu, Mt Elbrus, and the highest mountain in the Southern Hemisphere, Mt Aconcagua.


In 2009, Di founded the Wild Women On Top Coastrek Team Trekking Challenge, proudly supporting The Fred Hollows Foundation. This event has inspired tens of thousands of Australians to get fit trekking and has raised over $25 million for charity.


In 2017, after Lisa moved on to focus on her young family, corporate queen Tania Taylor, General Manager at Wild Women On Top, leapt at the opportunity to take up co-ownership of this fast-growing business for good.


With Tania’s skills, the business is perfectly positioned to share their message globally and inspire more women to lead adventurous lives they love.


Wild Women On Top love the feeling of natural exhilaration that comes from shared hiking adventures. They value team work: T.E.A.M. “Together Everyone Achieves More”.


Wild Women On Top prioritises self-care using the Adventure Mindset and Daily Rituals of Joy to rejuvenate themselves so they can better nurture others. We help women set and achieve challenging adventure goals, maintain vitality, balance hormones and eat real, unprocessed food and gourmet treats in moderation.


If you’d like to journey to amazing remote places with like-minded women and live your dreams, we are the tribe for you.


“Nothing is more empowering than taking a risk and succeeding. … Challenging nature on its own terms and   succeeding brings exhilaration on a grand scale…. When you take on a great challenge and persevere, you discover that your abilities are more than you ever imagined. A life lived in this way is infinitely fulfilling.” Ken Kamler, Doctor on Everest.





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