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You little legend. Thank you so much for completing our survey – we’re super grateful for the gift of your time to help us make Coastrek the best event it can be.

And while words are nice, treats are even nicer… So here’s a copy of Di Westaway’s Daily Rituals of Joy as a cheeky little treat from us. The Daily Rituals of Joy are scientifically supported self-care practices to help you create delight and joy every day.

As explained by exercise physiologist, nutritionist and neuroscientist Paul Taylor, motivation is easier when we develop rituals. They remove the daily brain battle to do mundane, tough or unpleasant tasks. And, if you choose the right rituals, they create joy.

We hope you enjoy!

Daily Rituals of Joy

Daily Rituals Of Joy

We’ve seen thousands of women find joy and meaning through practicing these daily rituals. We hope they help you lead a life you love.