Jacq Conway

What’s your role in the WWOT team?

I’m a fitness and adventure coach, leading regular Trek Training sessions on Wednesday nights in the Inner West area, and some Wild Walks on weekends.

What is your favourite thing about the WWOT community?

The coming together of amazing women of all ages and walks of life, with a common passion for trekking, adventure and an appreciation of nature.

What’s at the top of your bucket list?

Bungle Bungles, WA – which I am visiting at the end of May, Mt Kenya, Mt Kilimanjaro and The Dolomites. 

Where will we find you on a Sunday morning?

Either Trek training, gardening or walking my dog, Sasha, along the Lane Cove River trails.

What’s the wildest adventure you’ve ever been on?

Rafting down the Urubamba River in Peru when I was 20, in very high water! Totally exhilarating… no control whatsoever… I laughed myself silly!

What motto or mantra do you live by?

Have less. Be more. Do more.