Di Westaway

Di Westaway is the Chief Adventure Chick and Founder of Wild Women On Top and Coastrek. She is a global leader and award-winning woman of influence who has inspired more than 25,000 people off the couch through shared hiking adventures, while raising over $20 million for charity and helping women lead adventurous lives they love.

She does work she loves with people she loves the way she loves and she’s keen to help families, friends and workers do the same.

When she’s not freaking us out by doing handstands on knife-edge summits, Di leads her team on a mission to connect, inspire and empower each other and our community.

She is passionate about motivating women to lead adventurous lives they love, creating pleasure, power and productivity from hiking adventures.

Di is an adventure coach, mother, motivational speaker, 2017 NSW Telstra Business Women's Awards Finalist, 2016 AFR/Westpac 100 Woman of Influence, world-record holder and author of Natural Exhilaration and How to Prepare for World Class Treks.

She is also a columnist for Great Walks Magazine and has written for The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Brisbane Times, The Canberra Times, HuffPost Australia, Mamamia, Essential Kids, The CEO Magazine Australia, The Hoopla, Thrive Global and AG Outdoor.

She has climbed many extreme altitude peaks and holds the record for the world’s highest handstand on Mt Ama Dablam, 6,982m, Nepal.



What’s your role in the WWOT team? 

I am the luckiest duck becauseI get to be the Chief Adventure Chick (CEO) at Wild Women On Top. That means I lead the strategic planning for both business and adventure, which I love. I also lead our awesome team to help them be the best they can be at inspiring and empowering women to lead adventurous lives they love. 

What is your favourite thing about the WWOT community?

My favourite thing is seeing the smiles on the faces of women when they immerse themselves in nature’s challenges and discover that they are capable of far more than they ever imagined. That look of exhaustion combined with natural exhilaration that comes from overcoming fear and going wild. 

What’s at the top of your bucket list?

The top of my bucket list is to touch the lives of a million women to create a happier world through shared hiking adventures. I have bucket lists of bucket lists and live the dream by challenging myself with at least one super scary adventure and bunch of mini adventures every year. That’s what keeps me sane.  

Where will we find you on a Sunday morning?

I love Sunday mornings because I get to indulge in physical activity in nature. Most often you’ll find me dangling off a cliff, riding trails, sipping hot tea on a lookout or hiking hills with wonderful wild women at sunrise. 

What’s the wildest adventure you’ve ever been on?

My wildest adventure ever was doing the world’s highest handstand on Mt Ama Dablam 6,978m, in Nepal. It was by far the hardest and scariest. I only succeeded because I paid a porter to cart my gear, slept with the guide (he was my partner at the time), and got an sms from wild woman, Danae, on summit night that said “Toughen Up Princess”. Like all my wild adventures, it’s the team that matters.

What motto or mantra do you live by?

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”


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