The Golden Rules

Wild Women on Top is about women achieving extraordinary things. This is made possible by all Wild Women adhering to the following Golden Rules.

1. Set challenging adventure goals, write them down, train hard and you will achieve them. (No excuses!)

2. Stay positive at all times.

3. T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More.

4. Expect the unexpected.

5. If you have a gripe, handle it discretely, or air it politely. (Don’t let it fester!)

6. Buy quality gear. (This will save you money and could save your life.)

7. Don’t come home from training or trips tired. Be energised & happy.

8. Leave no trace. (The wilderness is sacred!)

9. Bring MORE than you take away. (Including chocolate!)

10. Happy endings guarantee the next leave pass. (This one is secret!)

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