Lifetime Adventure Membership

Prepare for your adventure even if you don't live in Sydney.
(If you do live in Sydney, we recommend that you try out Trek Training with a Intro Pass.) 

Trek Training can help you prepare your body and mind for a successful trip - and one you truly enjoy as well! 

Lifetime Adventure Membership is $150 and includes:

  • our 440-page e-book How to Prepare For World Class Treks which includes training plans
  • a Wild Women On Top cap
  • access to our fitness experts and the trip coach
  • access to all of our future adventures
  • access to a community of supportive women who love adventure
  • subscription to the Wild Women Weekly e-news
  • discounts at a number of trekking shops (in Sydney only)
  • once a Wild Woman, always a Wild Woman!

If you are joining a Wild Women On Top trip, you will need to become a Lifetime Adventure Member if you don't currently train with one of our Trek Training groups. 

So, how do you join?  Click on Lifetime Adventure Membership and complete the registration form then make your purchase.

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