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    If you’re lacking a bit of motivation in these colder months, we’ve got you! With just a few key ingredients, you can turn a winter slump around. 


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    When the doors to my gym closed in late March due to COVID-19, I felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me. 

    In the first few weeks of lockdown, I’ll be honest, I was in a pretty dark place. I felt joyless, flat, uninspired, confused, scared and isolated. I got teary and emotional over insignificant things. They’re feelings I know many of us went through, at various times, at various intensities.

    But lockdown also taught me a valuable lesson about exercise…

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    Don’t be fooled by the gym selfies and abs on Instagram. The healthiest people around aren’t spending all day in the gym, eating nothing but bland chicken and broccoli, and drinking protein shakes.

    Here are 8 things healthy people do daily (or at least… most days!)  

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    We all need to do something thrilling and daring every now and again. Not just because it unleashes our inner child and fills us with a lust for life, but because awe and exhilaration is actually good for our health! 

    On the eve of World Nude Hiking Day, we thought we'd share some wild and wonderful ways you can experience natural exhilaration and get your vitality back.


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    When you're hiking overnight, you don't need to miss out on a delicious, decadent dessert. Di has perfected this apricot crumble recipe which you can make on the trail on a multi-day hike.

    It's easy, it's quick, it has limited ingredients, it's delicious, and it's the ultimate post-dinner treat for an overnight adventure.



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    At Wild Women On Top, we're all about delicious, nutritious gourmet food. Even on overnight hikes, we go the extra mile for our tastebuds.

    You don't need to resort to commercial, dehydrated meal packets. From curries to pasta dishes, you can cook fresh, gourmet meals on the trail. 

    The recipes in this blog have been fine-tuned over several years of overnight hiking and involve a little preparation at home. They're tried and tested, and they're super secret (so don't go sharing them around!)


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    There’s nothing better than a spontaneous decision to get outdoors, fill your lungs with fresh air, stare at the stars, plunge into the icy waters of a mountain stream, chew the fat with friends by a camp fire, and recharge your soul. 

    Here is the wild women recipe for putting together the perfect long weekend adventure at the last minute.

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    When we went into lockdown just a few months ago, we started dreaming about where we would hike again. These are the epic local trails that made the top of our list.

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    We're back, baby! We're back in the wild - walking, talking, leaping, scrambling, and exploring - where we belong.

    As restrictions begin to ease around the country, we're seeking new, fun fitness challenges to keep us motivated, healthy and active through the chilly winter months.

    If you're seeking a new challenge, or you've set yourself a Big Hairy Audacious Goal, this is the secret to success.

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    If you’re anything like me, the past two months has been a rollercoaster of emotions; uncertainty, fear, disbelief, astonishment, worry, disappointment, frustration, anger, acceptance, love, gratitude and, finally, a return of optimism. Through all this, it’s natural for motivation to fluctuate, and it’s definitely time to forgive yourself if your motivation to move and workout has all but evaporated.

    But now, with restrictions easing slowly, it’s time to re-build your routine and feel fabulous again! 

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    The only down side about this fabulously delicious dish is that if you turn your back, your kids will devour it. Enjoy!

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    In these challenging times, mums (and dads) are being presented with unique challenges. Many mums are having to work from home, home-school their kids, manage the household, and care for their mental and physical wellbeing.

    This week, in honour of Mother’s Day, we’re asking the kick-ass mums in the Wild Women office how they’re managing to keep fit and well in isolation. You probably won’t be surprised that all of these incredible women are getting a good dose of nature – daily!

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    One of the things I love most about daily Zoom meetings is the window into the home lives of my beautiful team. It's highlighted to me how differently we all live, especially at the moment.

    It's become clear to me, in the last couple of weeks, that time-poor mums have been massively impacted by this crisis. Many of them are completely run ragged trying to home-school, get a full-time job done in three days, stay on top of the washing, stay on top of the news, be nice to their partner, get enough veggies into everyone and do the f**king push-up challenge with kids crawling all over them.

    It is to these women I speak – because I was one of them.

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    At the moment, things still feel unstable and a little uncertain. If you’re feeling lost, here are some techniques to help you re-centre and find your joy again.


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    A delicious, fresh cocktail that's got a good dose of vitamin C? It sounds too good to be true. But these yummy and easy pink gimlets are exactly that. 

    They're fresh, fancy, fast, and they're a favourite of wild women in the wild!


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    Since COVID-19 (coronavirus) began to spread, many of us have been thinking about how we can best protect ourselves and our loved ones from getting sick. The internet is full of 'immune-boosting' recipes, supplements and superfoods... but do any of them actually work? 

    We've asked the experts and here are the answers.

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    A lasagne that's gooey, delicious and nutritious? Yes please.

    Di's eggplant lasagne is full of flavour, veggies and plant protein, making it a vegetarian's dream. It's gluten free, and can be adapted to be dairy-free, so it's the comfort food everyone can enjoy.

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    Due to the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and new social distancing rules, many of us are spending more time on screens than we’re used to. 

    Everything from work meetings to yoga classes to family dinners are now conducted via technology, and this can leave us feeling a bit 'bleh'. 

    This weekend, here are some things you can do that don’t involve screen time.

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    Many of us are spending much more time inside than we used to. But these new social distancing laws have brought some silver linings - there's plenty of time to get baking!

    This weekend, give Gai's delicious gluten free raspberry friands a try. 

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    It’s been a huge few weeks here at Wild Women HQ.

    We’ve faced some of the biggest challenges we’ve ever faced as a business, and we know we aren’t alone. Fear and panic are everywhere.

    But we know that what you focus on grows. So we asked our team to tell us things they are grateful for, and together we’ve come up with a list that has helped us through some of the most challenging days.

    We hope it can help you, too.


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