• Wild Endurance Finish!

    How does a team of 5 women, all mums and a couple of grandmas with a combined age of over 250, beat hundreds of trekkers, mostly male and mostly under 50, in the Wild Endurance 100 km trek in the Blue Mountains?

  • Kinabalu Summit Dream Team

    “I didn’t sleep a wink, sick with worry, listening for her every breath; hoping and praying that she would be better in time for our 2am summit attempt,” said Erica.

  • Bungle Bungle Bliss

    Myself and a team of 11 WWOT have just come back from the Bungle Bungles a totally awe inspiring place in the Eastern Kimberley’s in Western Australia!

  • Girls rugged up!

    OMG – not another thing to make us fat?

  • Beauty of Nature

    Have you ever noticed how fantastic you feel after a long distance walk, even when you had to drag yourself outside to do it?

  • Lord Howe AMAZING

    BY DI WESTAWAY | CEO and Founder of Wild Women On Top

    “Boy do we cram it in … I reckon we  do double what normal people do  in a weekend!” said Wild Women On Top Friday Gal,  Melody Talbot as we flew back from Lord Howe Island last Sunday night.
    And what did she love most about the Wild Weekend, which featured the world famous climb of Mt Gower?  “Such fun scrambling up and down those ropes, but at the top … that pristine absolute paradise. Then diving into that water – and so pure, blissful.”

  • Soft Sand Success!!

    Soft Sand Challenge for time efficent training!

  • Great Outdoor Coastrekkers

    Imagine RUNNING 50 kilometers. Wow! That’s a long way.
    Now imagine running 50 kilometers in 5 hrs, 53 minutes! Amazing!

  • Staff Canyon Day

    Last Monday our office team went wild.

    We escaped the email avalanche, housework and family responsibilities – in my case, domestic chaos – and went Canyoning.

  • Coastrek Fun!

    In an extreme battle against the weather Gods, nearly 2,000 trekkers and 200 volunteers fought gale force wind gusts, torrential rain, high tides, hyperthermia and exhaustion in the Wild Women On Top Sydney Coastrek 50-100km team challenge.

  • Trek Training

    ‘In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins - not through strength, but through persistence’. Buddha

  • Coaches in Tassie

    Last weekend, the Wild Women On Top coaches went wild in the bush.
    We threw away our itineraries, phones, antiseptic gel and mascara! We plunged naked into the ocean on remote beaches, did cartwheels and handstands in the sand, and wrapped ourselves in banners on rocky mountain summits, laughing all the way.

  • Di having fun!

    There’s a reason why “Get fit” and “Lose weight” are in the top 3 New Year’s Resolutions for Australians every year. But if you really want to ‘get fit and lose weight’, you’ll need a plan.

  • Lisa's Girls Walking

    "Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity" Hippocrates

  • Walking down Kozi

    Quick tips for walking down hills and stairs to protect your knees and nurture your body.

  • Lisa Sunrise

    Workout of the Week: To boost your fitness levels for Coastrek and to keep you active in the silly season, here’s Lisa’s Workout of the Week to do as “homework’ between your Trek Training sessions!

  • Mums lead by example and having an adventure is a great way to do it

    Five weeks ago, as I lay in a hostel bed in San Sebastian, Spain, with a spring sticking into my hip and my iPod drowning out the sounds of snores from the guy in the bed below me, I cried myself to sleep.  My mum was about to head to Nepal, to attempt to climb a mountain. It's called Ama Dablam, and it's breathtakingly beautiful. It's also 6812m high and technically difficult.
    I was crying because I was scared. I was scared she was not coming home.
    I am no stranger to my mum heading off on crazy adventures.

  • Trekking Poles Kozi

    Trekking Poles: The latest on shock.

  • Balmoral Sunburst Training

    My brain and my body need exercise. But I need motivation to exercise. I NEED a health and fitness goal to inspire me; push me out of my warm snuggly cave into energising movement.

  • After many years of dreaming about Nepal, coach Vic Silk enjoys an amazing journey.

    After many years of dreaming about Nepal, coach Vic Silk enjoys an amazing journey.


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