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    By the Wild Women On Top Team

    Preparing the ULTIMATE Valentine’s Day dessert in a wilderness location takes a little effort, but it’s sooo worth it.

    Here’s how we do it.

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    By Di Westaway | Chief Adventure Chick at Wild Women On Top

    If, like me, you’re the kind of woman who prefers clifftop kisses to fancy lingerie on Valentine's Day, you’re in the right place. 

  • trek training with susan northern beaches thumbnail.jpg

    Ever wondered what Trek Training is like for a newbie? Our Client Services Manager Robby shares her first Trek Training experience with us.

  • what_the_bleep_should_we_be_eating_thumbnail.jpg

    When it comes to nutrition, there’s a whole lot of information out there about what we 'should' and 'shouldn’t' be eating. We asked nutrition expert Dr Joanna McMillian to simplify it for us. The good news? It’s way easier to eat healthy than you think!


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    If you’re looking for some great ways to get out in nature this long weekend, look no further! These gorgeous day walks are the perfect summer activity – take the kids, friends, family or go by yourself for a solitary soak in nature’s playground. 

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    When the immediate emergency has passed and our beautiful homeland has stopped burning, we need to take some time to grieve, re-set ourselves and then begin to renew our goals, with a productive and positive mindset overlaid with the new filter of a climate changed world. 

    Here are some ways to turn your guilt and sadness into positive action.

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    To help you avoid the boxed chocolate aisle on the way to your BBQ or picnic this long weekend, we’ve pulled together some great ideas for when you need a quick, fabulous and impressive share plate – without lots of effort.

  • icecream.jpg

    If you love to enjoy the sticky, delicious sweetness of a big, ole bowl of ice cream, we feel you. Us too. 

    We wanted to try a more nourishing version that satisfies our sweet tooth and gives us our daily dose of fruit, and this recipe is a winner! 

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    Celebrating when such a huge environmental crisis is unfolding in Australia just hasn’t felt right. The pain of knowing how many homes, animals and forests have been destroyed has been intense. Seeing so many people in our communities struggling with the force of these fires has been deeply stressful and exhausting.

    Now it's time for us to pause and recognise the grief and pain which has marked the beginning of 2020.

  • BoostWellbeingHERO

    In times like this, it's important to make sure we're giving ourselves the care we need to remain hopeful, productive and strong.

    Here are ten simple ways you can immediately improve your wellbeing today. 

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    Stretching and gentle movement is a great way to support a healthy, happy spine – even while you’re sitting – so we asked our in-house yoga teacher/marketing specialist Donna for her favourite desk stretches to relieve shoulder, neck and back stiffness.

  • OfficeLunch.jpg

    Skip the food court and make this delicious and nutritious salad in less time than it takes to walk to the shops. You'll love it. 

  • Midlife Ladies.jpg

    By improving your lifestyle behaviours, many of the negative symptoms of mid-life can be managed or reversed, and you can turn a crisis into a fabulous opportunity for growth. Don't mind if we do! 

  • christmas_salad.jpg

    This isn't an everyday salad... it's an epic, show-stopping, jaw-dropping, Christmas salad. It's for people who like TONNES of flavour. We hope you love it. 

  • Vanilla Crescents.jpg

    These classic Czech cookies, adapted by Di's mum Barbara, are a tradition in the Westaway family at Christmastime, and they are melt-in-your-mouth delicious. They're so good because the main ingredient is love. 

    We call them Vanilla Crescents. 

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    Most of us don’t need science to tell us that grumpy, moody teens are happier when they get outside. But what’s causing these mood swings and how do we keep them swinging in the right direction?

  • By the Wild Women On Top team

    The silly season is about to get silly. Really, really silly. So some of us make plans to stay healthy. Really, really healthy. Which is not always possible...

    In an attempt to find some kind of middle ground, I quizzed the Wild Women On Top team about their holiday health hacks, and their advice ranged from hilarious to helpful to downright horrible. Take what you will...

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    How do you feel about pooping into a zip-lock bag and carrying it in your backpack? What about digging a hole in the ground for your business?

    For many women, the thought of pooing anywhere other than a sparkling white porcelain bowl is enough to deter them from adventures. But don’t let this be you!

  • 57736474_2215786815135100_5079455996170993664_n.jpg

    When Jodi Fisher won our Most Inspiring award for 2019, she was shocked. But her coaches and fellow Wild Women weren't so surprised.


  • amanda_kidd_climbing.jpeg

    Amanda Kidd has made some of her best friends on the trail with Wild Women. She proves that age really is just a number, especially when it comes to fitness and friendship.



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