• Lisa and girls

    Often as a coach I'm told by people that they've lost their mojo. The younger, less experienced and less emotionally intelligent me struggled to find ways to help them find it again. I thought it was as easy as just encouraging people and helping them find their goals. Now I know it's more than that...

  • Jatbula Trail

    Wild Woman Melissa Norsa reflects on her adventure on the Jabula Trail...

  • Coaches Fraser

    I often look at our coaches and think they’re perfect. Fit, strong, amazing women who seem to be able to manage everything so well. Not only are they able to juggle families, running businesses, nourishing their bodies, maintaining a social life and taking on extreme adventures, the Wild Women On Top coaches all seem to do it with an astonishing level of positivity and enthusiasm... How do they do it?

  • Di gold handstand

    Four weeks ago I got hit by a car on my bike. Unlucky I got hit; lucky I wasn’t squashed. The MRI showed an undisplaced fracture of the tibia and some damage around my knee joint. I quickly shifted my goal from mountain climbing to mending. Here's what I did...

  • Erica in Corsica

    This amazing email from one of our Hard Core Corsica girls, Erica Beaton, was the most beautiful thing I have read all week, and I wanted to share it with you.

  • Corsica GR20 Girls

    It would be wrong of me to call the GR20 a walk. There were very few times during the 11 days on this 200km journey by foot over Corsica that remotely felt like walking.

  • Citrus

    Want to prevent colds and flu's this winter? Eat these 10 foods often.

  • Di having fun

    Yesterday morning, as I rode my bike to the beach for a soft sand jog, a car ran a red light and hit me.

  • Smoothie

    This healthy and yummy smoothie is the perfect pre-workout breakfast to add some colour and sparkle to your morning!

  • Alpamayo

    Di Westaway give you tips on how to stay motivated through winter!

  • sunburst plank

    These 10 steps to wellness will make you feel amazing.

  • Di Ama Dablam Handstand

    Trekking at altitude requires patience and practice. Get tips from Di Westaway to increase your chances of success at altitude.

  • Roz in Ice Bath!!

    Are you saying 'yes' to adventure?

  • Coaches laughing on Fraser Island

    Are you pretty awesome at making up excuses for overindulging in chocolate? Here is how Di is going to ensure she doesn't find a couple of extra kilos this weekend...

  • I’ve known extreme sadness, moodiness and anxiety but in my fifties I am the happiest I have ever been. Learn how you too can be happier with these 10 daily tips!

  • Can we really slow down the ageing process with good food and exercise? Di Westaway says 'Yes'!

  • Wait Up Coastrek 2014

    Thanks and Congratulations to you, and EVERY single trekker, vollie, sponsor and supporter who helped restore sight to 100,000 people.

  • Machu Picchu Lisa and Roz

    As someone whose job it is to help people make changes to their fitness and health, people often suggest that I am not a real person. For some reason there's a presumption that I have always been fit and healthy and that most of that is because of luck, genetics or both. This is not true.

  • Larapinta

  • Watch out, ticks about!

    Ticks are on the rise around Sydney as a result of global warming. Here's how to deal with the suckers!


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