• handstand

    Get your hands on Di Westaways recent presentation on secrets to Ageless Vitality at Preventions Positive Ageing Seminars. It's got loads of tips on healthy habits that you can do!!!

    Download the presentation here: The Secret to Ageless Vitality: Healthy Habits


  • healthy christmas treats

    With the Christmas season about to enter full swing, temptation awaits. So, over the next few weeks, the Wild Women Weekly will be choc-a-block with delicious nutritious recipes to keep you feeling fabulous and joyful - no food coma's around here.

  • Wild Women On Top New Zealand

    We had just climbed 500m in ascent on slippery ice and snow to the summit of Mt Ruapehu, an active Volcano in the World Heritage National Park of Tongariro. Then, the guide called me over. ‘That’s the way down’, he said. A 60-degree drop which continued for several hundred metres. My heart began to race. "Really?", I replied.

  • di westaway yoga healthy

    Does Ageless Vitality appeal you? Would you like to become stronger, happier and more powerful as each birthday approaches?
    You can. Here's how.

  • amazing trekking adventures

    WILD WOMEN ON TOP invites you to our Sneak Peek of 2015 Adventures!
    Fill yourself with wanderlust as you taste the most deliciously exciting adventure challenges to keep you fit and fab for FIFTEEN.

  • These Wild Women On Top Brazillian Espresso Bliss Balls are the PERFECT food for Trek Training and Coastrek Training.

  • gluten free banana cookies

    Delicious nutritious gluten free breakfast cookie recipe!

  • Women trekking in Nepal

    Almost 500 people —including trekkers, guides, porters, and locals have now been rescued as a result of a massive blizzard in the popular trekking region of Annapurna, in Nepal. As of Monday, nearly 40 people are dead and up to 40 people are still unaccounted for. What happened?

  • Inca Rivers

    What happens on a Wild Women On Top Trip... goes on the BLOG! Hear about the amazing adventures of the Machu Picchu girls on their Inca Rivers Adventure!!!

  • Walking in nature

    Coinciding with Mental Health Month in October, ground breaking new research shows that group walks in nature have remarkable mental health benefits including easing depression, combating stress and boosting mental lets WALKOUT!

  • Di Westaway handstand on Lakpas Ledge

    "Ageing is not "lost youth" but a new stage of opportunity and strength." Betty Friedan The Feminine Mystique.

  • Alpamayo

    What happened on Alpamayo...? Read about the Alpamaiden Adventures here!

  • Porridge

    This perfect Winter recipe will melt your heart and warm your belly. Enjoy.

  • Corsica Wilds

    Life can sometimes get busy. Real busy. How can we manage it? Simply, LET GO.

  • Falls

    I am always amazed at how different it feels out in the bush in wild weather compared to how you think it will feel when you are rugged up at home on the couch...

  • Kinabalu

    When I tell people we meet in airports and along our journey that we've just climbed Mt Kinabalu, they are full of questions.

  • Lisa and girls

    Often as a coach I'm told by people that they've lost their mojo. The younger, less experienced and less emotionally intelligent me struggled to find ways to help them find it again. I thought it was as easy as just encouraging people and helping them find their goals. Now I know it's more than that...

  • Jatbula Trail

    Wild Woman Melissa Norsa reflects on her adventure on the Jabula Trail...

  • Coaches Fraser

    I often look at our coaches and think they’re perfect. Fit, strong, amazing women who seem to be able to manage everything so well. Not only are they able to juggle families, running businesses, nourishing their bodies, maintaining a social life and taking on extreme adventures, the Wild Women On Top coaches all seem to do it with an astonishing level of positivity and enthusiasm... How do they do it?

  • Di gold handstand

    Four weeks ago I got hit by a car on my bike. Unlucky I got hit; lucky I wasn’t squashed. The MRI showed an undisplaced fracture of the tibia and some damage around my knee joint. I quickly shifted my goal from mountain climbing to mending. Here's what I did...


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