• Happy hiking with kids is where art meets science. Art because you need creative solutions to unexpected problems and science because if you don’t understand the chemistry set of their small bodies you can turn them off hiking for life.

  • Get ready to print out these ten steps to wellness and paste them on your fridge, your bathroom mirror, the dashboard in your car, save it to your desktop, your iPhone and iPad, your mac... AND DO THEM!

  • Di Westaway | Chief Adventure Chick | Wild Women On Top
    I know I was a moody teen but grumpy, miserable, withdrawn, pimply, aggressive, morose, smart phone addicted teens now seems the norm. I’m often at war with mine.

  • By Lisa Marshall | Director of Wild Women On Top
    Life's like that pile of books you have on your bedside table. The varied pile is made up of books you bought or borrowed or were given, that at some time spoke to you, or connected you with a thought or a lesson or a story you strongly needed to read at the time.

  • Child

    By Sammy Page | Marketing Assistant Wild Women On Top
    It’s 5pm on a Friday afternoon yet the weekend seems miles away. To your left is a stack of papers, tasks and projects that demand your time for their completion and on the right is your phone, buzzing madly with messages from the kids, asking “what’s for dinner mum?”

  • cold

    Di Westaway | Chief Adventure Chick | Wild Women On Top
    When the alarm kills delicious dozing on a dark winter’s morning or your lover tempts you with a glass of red as you snuggle up together on the couch, it takes an iron will to honour your commitment to a walk in the cold.

  • The island is absolute paradise whether it be listening to the harmonic birdsong that accompanies your daily walks, refreshing in the crystal waters home to the most colorful assortment of fish or admiring the stunning view from the top of Mt Gower - it goes without saying... Lord Howe has officially stolen our hearts!

  • By Lisa Marshall | Director Wild Women On Top
    “Prior to the invention of cars and sealed roads, ancient paths were walked and experienced at a slower pace, allowing time for the landscape to unfold and reveal itself and, in doing so, permitting the walker time to think.

  • Our magazine took its first breath, so to speak, on a cycling trip to Cambodia. We cycled, with 19 other women, almost 400km around Cambodia whilst raising awareness of Human Trafficking. We fundraised $30000 to support grass roots projects on the ground making a difference to the life of young girls, women and their families.

  • Alex blog

    By Alex Willis | Digital Media Assistant My Mum is an adventure goddess. She can’t stop moving.

  • Lord Howe

    By Lisa Marshall | Director Wild Women On Top 

    From the minute you land at the small airstrip and see the lush, tropical mountainside of Mt Gower and Lidgbird, you know you have found paradise. You are in a secluded utopia, the absence of cell phone service forcing you to disconnect from the city and simply exist in the present – surrounded by a natural wonderland.

    How liberating that feels.

  • Mothers day

    Di Westaway |CEO Wild Women On Top & Coastrek | Author | Speaker
    A few years ago, happily deluded and beefed-up with the kind of bravado and courage that comes from one gin and tonic too many at a family barbeque, I decided it was time to be the boss on Mother’s Day.

  • Nature

    By Lisa Marshall | Director Wild Women On Top
    I used to think that exercise needed to be HARD. That unless it had me huffing and puffing, my muscles aching and my lungs bursting, I wasn’t getting the benefit of moving.
    But I was wrong.

  • Ann

    By Samantha Page | Marketing Assistant Wild Women On Top
    I love pushing myself – in an uncoordinated, knock knee’d sort of way. I absolutely adore, love and cherish my family and friends, I love life and I love that my body still works so well that I can (try) to do all the things WWOT makes me do!

  • Lisa

    By Samantha Page | Marketing Assistant Wild Women On Top 

    Q. We hear so much positive feedback regarding Trek Training and the fabulous communities the wonderful coaches and coastal trails have created. We would love to hear from you! Please tell us a bit of your own story – how did you become a Wild Women coach?

  • Di

    CEO Wild Women On Top | Fitpreneur | Author | Speaker | Adventurer | Founder Coastrek

  • Child

    By Samantha Page | Marketing Assistant Wild Women On Top Before children had made best friends with iPhone and iPads, iMacs and pretty much I-everything – we had a different kind of i-friend.

  • By Di Westaway & Wild Women On Top Coaches

    With planning, a few key ingredients, like garlic and ginger, plus tips like carrying fresh herbs in kitchen paper towel, you can carry and create delicious nutritious meals for up to 6 nights trekking.

  • Di

    Di Westaway | CEO and Founder Wild Women On Top | Life Changing Adventures

    Being a frumpy, frazzled, fed-up mum fighting forty was not what I’d signed up for. I’d lost my sparkle. I’d lost me.
    But little did I know it was about to get worse.

  • Lisa

    By Samantha Page | Marketing Assistant Wild Women On Top

    My parents and teachers always told me that life never pans out in a linear pattern. The unexpected sends the anticipated into disarray and suddenly we are confronted with a situation yet no plan.


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