• Pack these healthy snacks on your way to work for a simple way to ensure you feel full and satisfied throughout the day. 

  • Lisa in Freycinet

    In order to rejuvenate yourself and feel in control, you need to take some time out, get in touch with nature and collect your thoughts.

  • By Jo Vartanian | Wild Women On Top Coach
    Nicola was right. The “Walls” is “just beautiful...”
    We are privileged to have been a part of this unique and ancient Tasmanian Land of a Thousand Lake.

  • Hear from one of our very own to see why becoming one of us may just be the best decision you ever made...

  • Yoga Nth Head

    By Di Westaway | CEO Wild Women On Top | Entrepreneur | Author | Speaker | Adventurer As we mature and our values and priorities change, so must our approach to fitness.

  • Remember when you were five years old and you ran down the street with gay abandon? When you rode your scooter so fast that you burned your heel? When you lost hours immersed in dolls or trees or tennis? NOW is the time to re-discover PLAY!

  • Australia Day is fast approaching, you’ve managed to score the day off work and you’re looking for something fun to do to celebrate... Wild Women On Top has got you covered. 

  • By Samantha Page | Marketing Assistant Wild Women On Top
    Struggling to get into the Christmas spirit? There's no better way for our Wild Women to start feeling festive than walking Sydney's best Christmas light streets!

  • By Lisa Marshall | Director Wild Women On Top
    This year I learnt an invaluable skill, I have learnt how to transform fear into freedom. An ability that allowed me to open the doors to a new life in a beautiful place for me and my growing family…

  • By Jo Vartanian | Wild Women On Top Coach

    The recent tragic death of an international tourist camping on the summit of Mt Warning, on the NSW north coast is a timely reminder to us all about the risks we need to consider when adventuring in the outdoors. Emergency service personnel who attended the incident said that the tourists were victims of extraordinary circumstances and it is very, very unusual for something like this to happen.

  • By Lisa Marshall & Samantha Page | Director & Marketing Assistant | Wild Women On Top 

    2016 was the crazy year you planned to do something extraordinary, climb a gigantic mountain, explore a new part of the world or trek with a full pack through the Australian Outback. But somehow the calendar is on its final page and the closest thing to a holiday you have had is your kid’s year 9 excursion to Taronga zoo…

  • By Samantha Page | Marketing Assistant Wild Women On Top 

    Struggling to think of gift ideas for you mother, sister, best friend or daughter? Whether she is a reader, trekker, humanitarian, adventurist or gear enthusiast, Wild Women On Top has the perfect gift idea for you. 

  • Say hello to your 2016 Wild Women On Top Coach of the year, Jo Vartanian! Mother of 2 teenage boys, Jo perfects the balancing act - family, work and her love of the outdoors juggled faultlessly to shape the life she loves so very much.

  • NEW! Early bird start for north shore Monday Morning Session!

  • By Samantha Page | Marketing Assistant Wild Women On Top
    From stunning scenery to vibrant culture, Mt Wilhelm is every trekker's dream. Check out our top 5 reasons why we can't wait to explore Mt. Wilhelm's rugged peaks and mountainous scenery.

  • By Samantha Page | Marketing Assistant Wild Women On Top

    As Christmas time and the end of the year fast approaches, the Wild Women On Top Coaches and Trek trainers start to reflect on the amazing year we’ve just had.

  • By Samantha Page | Marketing Assistant at Wild Women On Top
    Meet the wonderful Suzy Jacobs, fearless championing entrepreneur and founder of womens development business, She Business.

  • By Di Westaway | Chief Adventure Chick | CEO Wild Women On Top 

    Just as well Stress Awareness day was yesterday because if you’re feeling wrung out or finding it tough to thrive, you’re not alone. Most of us suffer from the lifestyle diseases of stress, obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease but the well-being cost of mental health is now over $200 billion dollars.

  • By Lisa Marshall | Director Wild Women On Top

    As parents, we often neglect our 'big kid' self, giving ourselves completely to the not so fun responsibilities that come with parenthood. It's time to incorporate adventure back into your life and here's why!

  • Vic Silk

    Why, as women, does it often take us until our late thirties and beyond to love our bodies and want for them strength and health, rather than anything that our misguided popular culture considers beautiful?


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