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    In a fast-paced world of social media and reality TV, it can be hard to cut through the noise and focus on what's important.

    One Wild Woman wants to be a positive role model for her teenage daughter and she's leading by example.

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    Not all great recipes make great trail food. Over the past 20 years, with the help of our fabulous Wild Women Community, we’ve developed a few great snacks, treats and lunches to take on the trail.


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    If you’re looking for an iconic mini-break adventure that’s full of delightful surprises, look no further than the Three Capes of Tassie. 

    There are three different ways to experience this magnificent hike. We help you weigh up the option that will suit you best.

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    Have you ever felt you couldn’t possibly leave your kids or partner for an adventure with friends? Felt it would be too selfish? Too indulgent? That nobody would survive without you? Or have you done it and felt guilty? From a daughter who was "left", this one's for you... 


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    Every year we love to celebrate the amazing Wild Women in our community who have inspired us most with our Most Inspiring Award. We are proud to introduce you to our Most Inspiring nominees for 2019!

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    If you think hiking breakfasts have to be boring, think again. This delicious pancake recipe is the perfect way to start a hiking adventure and it'll impress your hungry hiking buddies.

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    Wild Women camp like we mean it. We go looking for secluded, magic places where you can immerse yourself in nature. We're letting you in on our favourite camping spots... so don't go spreading the word too far.

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    Most people know walking is good for them. We feel it - in our bodies and in our brains. But could walking in nature actually help prevent and treat clinical depression?

    Our Founding Director and women's health expert Di Westaway took a look at the research to find out.

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    These cookies are the most delicious choc chip cookies ever. They are best enjoyed with a cuppa on a clifftop after an awesome hike. 


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    We often have team lunches here at Wild Women HQ. When we do, our Chief Adventure Chick Di often makes a salad. But it's not any old salad. It's a totally EPIC, 'omg-what-is-in-that?' salad. 

    The secret, she says, is the dressing. Here's her super simple, secret recipe. 

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    A few years ago, I was diagnosed with depression.

    I'm a lot better now, but I still have bad days. When this happens, and I wake up in the morning with nothing but dread and panic, I’ve got some go-to techniques to help me get back on my feet. I hope they can help you, too.


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    Many of us live in a stressful world where we’re constantly rushing from one commitment to the next. And while a little stress can be good for motivation and productivity, chronic stress can cause disease. 

    But there’s an antidote to this stress. It's simple, easy, quick and free. Here's how to make it a habit. 

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    Over the past 10 years, we’ve become better at talking about mental health issues, but these conditions remain invisible. 

    It’s this that can make these issues feel so hopeless. But when we have hope, we have healing. 

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    No matter how much you plan for your next adventure, the reality is some things just won't go your way. 

    But if you add these four key elements, you've got yourself a wild adventure you'll remember forever.

  • This recipe is so good you'll want to make it at home, but we promise it tastes better on day three of a hike... 

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    We're going to let you in on a secret. Setting up a cheese board after a hike in the middle of the bush seems fancy and impressive, but it's really, REALLY simple. And quick. And easy. Here's how to do it. 

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    Do you often exclaim to others (or yourself) that you're just SO busy? Do you feel like you're constantly time poor? Are you stressed, tired or wrung out often?

    That used to be me. Here's why I stopped wearing busy as a badge of honour. 

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    Whether she's going on a local hike, or packing for a long-haul adventure, Di Westaway never leaves the house without this hiking gear.

  • Jacq Conway

    Along with her usual hiking staples of salty snacks and a first-aid kit, there's one piece of kit Coach Jacq swears by for longer adventures. This item is well worth the extra weight in your pack.


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    At the end of a long walk, there's nothing much better than sitting with your girlfriends on a clifftop with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee and a delicious sweet. Ann's muffin recipe is the perfect treat for the trail.


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