ZERO TO HERO: Why Trekking with your friends makes you fitter

By Di Westaway | CEO of Wild Women On Top 

Don’t you love to hate those women who always rock up to school pick-up looking like they just stepped off the cover of Women’s Health?

Or the ones who prance around the playground equipment in Lorna Jane’s latest mini and boob tube looking as confident as Cleopatra after a conquest.

Well … I’ve always secretly admired them. As I struggle to find time for a shower after my beach shuffle and only indulge in mascara on a dinner date, I’ve often wondered how much time and money it costs to look so manicured and perfect all the time.

And while I know I’ll never be “one of them” I do feel fit, healthy and happy most of the time. And I’m ok with being accused of being “ludicrously enthusiastic; way too exuberant” and “too happy in the morning”.

If you’re one of those women who struggles to find time for exercise; who thinks beach walking with friends is indulgent; or who wants to know what it feels like to be really fit and healthy, then here’s the thing 

I discovered the power of a team trekking challenge when I first saw a poster for a 100km trekking event outside my local swimming pool. I nervously decided to take the challenge. And I had such an amazing experience on that adventure with my 3 friends, that I did 20 more treks with the girls over 10 years.

It’s really hard to make time for exercise and most women put themselves last.  We often don’t prioritise our health till there’s a crisis. But we need to remember to put our own oxygen mask on first. Because if we don’t, we won’t be any use to anyone.

Trekking is a really fun, social way to get fit and team challenges make you commit. When you have an exercise goal with friends, you get fit and lose weight, it’s less painful and you prioritise your health. Everyone benefits.

One client we worked with recently was 25kg overweight and suffering from depression. She entered Coastrek; lost 10kg and became an adventure goddess. Her confidence soared and walking became her medicine. Now she exercise regularly.


Fitness Benefits of a Team Trekking challenge include:

1.      You get results because you commit publicly to the goal

2.      You have fun because you’re training and sharing an adventure with your friends

3.      You feel fantastic because walking becomes part of your life

4.      You become more energised, happy and fitter which makes you a better carer

5.      You experience all the health benefits of walking in nature plus the happiness that comes from helping others


PLUS: Walking in nature has the following scientifically proven benefits:   

Makes you happy;    Stimulates the brain;    Improves circulation;    Controls depression ;   Improves athletic performance;    Improves immunity;    Enhances memory;    Reduces anxiety;    Helps battle colds and flu;    Speeds recovery time after sickness;    Reduces brooding thoughts;    Enhances creativity ;   Massages internal organs;    Speeds healing;    Reduces cancer;    Combats obesity;    Helps prevent diabetes

A team trekking challenge is like a Health Retreat for women who want fun fitness with friends in nature. If you’re not passionate about fitness, this could be the solution for you. Taking on a big trekking challenge with your friends has the power to get you fitter than you could ever imagine. You’ll get fit through trekking because your adventure goal will inspire and empower you on a transformational journey. Past Coastrekker, Julie McCrossin, said “Coastrek has transformed my life – it’s the most extraordinary experience to walk with friends along the beautiful Sydney coastline and through the bushland around Sydney Harbour and feel absolute happiness.”

You’ll discover how great it feels to be fit, healthy and happy because you’ll walk regularly with friends even after the event is over. Dr Robert Grenfell, former Medical Director of the Heart Foundation and 2015 Coastrekker, said “The Coastrek journey is great for mums because it creates sustained behavioural change. If mums fit, the whole family will be fit”

If your biggest problem is making time for your own health and fitness, just find a team trekking challenge that appeals to you and enter with your friends. You’ll discover that this decision will provide a powerful goal which motivate even the busiest super mum to get fit because it’s all about fun fitness with friends in nature.

And when you cross the finish line after trekking 50km with your buddies, your family and friends will think you’re a hero .. because YOU ARE!

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