Wild Women Reviews The Mammut Convey Insulated Jacket

By Tania Taylor | Managing Director and Co-owner of Wild Women On Top

I’m totally obsessed with my new favourite insulated down jacket from Swiss brand Mammut.

I went through a bit of an online shopping spree during COVID. My online shopping history has been jaded, and I’ve made some seriously bad (and funny) purchases. But this time, I struck gold! 

The Mammut Convey Insulated Down Jacket is water resistant, wind repellant, light-weight and packs quite small. Plus, it’s super stylish. When I wore it in the office, jaws dropped!

The grape colour first caught my eye. It was so vibrant, I felt happy just looking at it.  I was on the MacPac website looking for hiking gear but, I also needed a windproof jacket for my morning dog walks and I wanted something a little more stylish that I could pair with jeans for walks with my girl-gang.

I wasn’t initially aware that Mammut take their impact on the environment seriously. Once I dug deeper, it was one of the key factors that made me proceed to the ‘checkout’.  Mammut are committed to sustainable and fair production as part of their WE CARE strategy. They strive to minimise the environmental footprint of their production processes and products. 

Key Features:

  • Side zip pockets to keep your phone and keys safe.
  • Great length for a long torso and long arms. I usually struggle to find women's jackets that fit.  This jacket goes halfway down my bum.
  • The elastic hem makes sure the jacket sits in place.
  • Two-point adjustment on the hood to stay on during those gusty days.
  • Made of extremely lightweight Pertexå¨ Quantum material. 

Road Tests

Long walks with my gal pals!

There’s nothing more rewarding than a beautiful walk with my girlfriends, where we laugh, share stories and solve the problems of the world. With COVID adding that extra bit of stress, we’re made this a regular, must-have ritual.

I took my jacket for a test walk one windy, drizzly, cloudy day in early spring. As we walked from Kirribilli to Rose Bay, there were a few unprotected sections where the wind was blowing a gale off the water. The hood was great because I could adjust it to cover my ears and protect them from the icy wind.  

The jacket sat perfectly in place under my backpack and didn’t ride up my waist like some other brands do. It sits comfortably on my body, about halfway down my bum, which also kept me nice and warm. 

When the rain started, I did switch the Mammut jacket for a waterproof rain jacket. The Mammut is not designed for rain protection, so it won’t hold up against anything more than a slight drizzle and it’s not intended as a rain-proof jacket.

It was super easy to pack into a small, lightweight ball in my backpack when I switched to the more heavy-duty rain jacket.

Dog walks

Morning walks with the dogs in mid-August are still relatively chilly in Sydney. I definitely grapled with, ‘should I lie in or should I get up?’ during the tail end of winter. The dogs’ faces, and my new jacket, kept us on track for our morning walks. I’d lay it out at night so I’d be enticed out of bed as soon as that first doggie-nudge came my way.

Seriously though, this down jacket was just warm enough to wear on its own without a long sleeve base layer on windy mornings and it provided great insulation from the chilly breeze. On the days when winter was peaking, I’d pop on a thermal base layer and we were all set to go.

The pockets are also very handy for phones or keys and my iPhone fits perfectly and the zip ensures they won’t fall out.


The Verdict 

This jacket is super comfortable, with enough room for a base layer if needed. It has a tapered waist and was a great fit for me. As a tall person, it’s often difficult to get jackets with the right sleeve length or waist length – the Mammut is perfect!  

It’s light and very well designed. It packs down quite small and is exceptionally well-made.

Weatherwise, it is a fantastic jacket for late winter, early spring days. Plus, it's wind and splash-proof.

It’s not a jacket I’d break a sweat in, it’s more appropriate for light walking activity and generally being comfortable outdoors.

I was impressed with Mammut’s sustainability pledge. The brand is striving to minimize the environmental impact of its production processes and products, making use of environmentally-preferable materials and resource-saving manufacturing processes that meet its high quality and performance requirements. By 2025, they aim to be entirely PFC-free and for 95% of their apparel to be made from recycled material.

You can read more about their sustainability commitments here.


Design: 4/5 (I would have liked a pocket on the inside and a packable bag)

Comfort: 5/5

Quality: 5/5

Price: Bought on sale for $250 (winning!) normally retails for $389 so mid-range for a good quality down jacket

See more features here.

Stay tuned for more gear reviews, coming to you from Wild Women On Top. If you have a piece of gear you'd like us to try, let us know! Email your suggestions to sophia [at] wildwomenontop.com.

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