This Wild Woman Proves Hiking Is A Woman's Best Medicine

By Sophia Hatzis | Digital Content Producer at Wild Women On Top

Deanna Adams only became a Wild Woman six months ago. But in just half a year, her outlook on life has completely transformed.

Deanna has experienced mental health issues for some time. But when her mum was diagnosed with leukemia late last year, her depression turned particularly nasty. A friend picked up on her mental health decline and insisted she get out of the house. The pair decided to go on the Spit to Manly walk. It's a hike that's renowned for its stunning coastal views along Sydney's Northern Beaches. Deanna found walking and talking with her friend helped take her mind off her troubles and the heartbreaking hospital trips. She remembers looking out at the ocean and truly feeling overwhelmingly happy.

It was then she realised walking in nature was a way to escape the darkness consuming her. 

She made Sydney Coastrek her goal but none of her friends were keen on taking the challenge with her. So she decided to join Trek Training sessions, in the hope she might find some like-minded women looking to make a team. Deanna didn't only find women to do Coastrek with. She found a community, and an activity, that made her smile from ear to ear. That made her genuinely happy. She found hiking with women gave her the tools she needed to kick her depression to the curb. 

For the first time in years, Deanna is excited about life and opening her eyes every day. 

"The hiking made me feel sensational," she says.

Today, she walks as much as possible and has even started a running group to keep her fitness up.

Our Founder Di Westaway says hiking is a woman's best medicine. And Deanna is living proof of that.

Q: What do you love about being a Wild Women?

I love the adrenalin rush and the sense of achievement that comes from doing things outside of my comfort zone.

Q: What's the best hike you've ever done and what made it so epic? 

The Moonlight Track in New Zealand with Wild Women was not only the best hike I’ve done, but the greatest holiday I’ve ever had. A couple of things made it epic. Firstly, it was meant to be a moderate hike but it became challenging. I realised that my body was stronger than I had ever given it credit for.

The second thing that made it so amazing were the Wild Women and the laughter they brought to the trip. I would not have enjoyed the trip as much as I did if it wasn’t for all of them.

Deanna Wild Women

Q: Which hiking destination is at the top of your bucket list and why?

Any moderate to challenging hikes with Wild Women On Top coach Wanda. Wanda reminds me that sometimes in life the best option is to simply laugh in the face of adversity. 

Q: What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you on a hike?

While sliding down a mountain on my bum having nothing but thorn bushes to hold onto and break my fall I started to feel pissed off, exhausted and angry. "This wasn’t in the freaking itinerary!" I thought. But then I turned to the wild woman coming down behind me and we just started to laugh. 

What's the best hiking advice you've ever been given?

Do weights. Strong leg muscles will give you the power to get up the mountain and will also support your body on the way down. 

Like the sound of our Trek Training sessions and being a part of our amazing and supportive community? You are ALWAYS welcome. Find out more here

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