WILD TIPS - Trekking Poles: The latest on shock.

Trekking Poles: The latest on shock.

Trekking poles have two main functions: In training they are used to strengthen, and in trekking they are used for safety.Wild Women On Top recommend the following features in order of importance:
1. Light weight, strong and easily adjustable for length
2. Comfortable handles, preferably foam or cork to provide good grip and prevent blisters in hot conditions
3. Telescopic so they can be easily folded up and stored in your backpack when not needed
4. Rubber stoppers for friction and noise prevention on hard surface
In the past we have also recommended anti-shock mechanisms for continuous down-hill treks. However, we have been unable to find convincing research regarding the benefits of this feature which is still open to considerable debate. It seems that the anti-shock mechanisms may have developed from commercial rather than performance considerations.

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