Why we LOVE Lord Howe

By Samantha Page | Marketing Assistant Wild Women On Top 

This island is absolute paradise whether it be listening to the harmonic birdsong that accompanies your daily walks, refreshing in the crystal waters home to the most colorful assortment of fish or admiring the stunning view from the top of Mt Gower - it goes without saying... Lord Howe has officially stolen our hearts!

Underwater wonderland

A State Marine Park was declared in 1998 and a Commonwealth Marine Park in 1999 – this is the world’s cleanest and clearest ocean: it’s like swimming in an aquarium! Home to an astounding 500 species of fish and 90 species of coral – it’s safe to say, snorkelling Lord Howe is an experience like no other. We can’t forget Ned’s beach – one of Lord Howe’s secret attractions. Dip your toes in the water and get ready to feed schools of giant fish!

Lord Howe

Premier bird watching destination

With 14 species of seabirds breeding here in their hundreds and thousands, the island is home to the most beautiful birdsong. During the months of September through to May countless Shearwaters (known locally as Muttonbirds) return to the island at dusk each day, in one of the world’s most extraordinary avian spectacles. Many seabird colonies are easily accessible along walking tracks and roads – it’s often possible to approach quite close as most birds have no fear of man.

Walking bliss

Although only 11km long and 2km wide, Lord Howe is laced with dozens of delightful, well-marked walking trails; nearly two thirds of the island is a Permanent Park Preserve. The choice ranges from easy strolls at sea level through lush kentia palm and banyan forests, to moderate cliff-top hikes where you’ll see seabirds wheeling on the thermals, to the challenging 875 metre Mt Gower climb – rated as one of the best day treks in the world.

Secluded paradise

The population of Lord Howe is currently around 350 residents, with tourists restricted to just 400. There is a 25 kph speed limit (everyone waves ‘hello’ as they pass – it takes some getting used to if you’re from a big city!) and only a very limited number of cars on Lord Howe Island. Whilst only a short plane flight away, you will feel miles and miles from home…. 

You really have to see this island paradise to believe it!

Check out our itinerary today and book yourself on a Wild Weekend of a lifetime! 

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