Why Mums Need Adventure!!

Five weeks ago, as I lay in a hostel bed in San Sebastian, Spain, with a spring sticking into my hip and my iPod drowning out the sounds of snores from the guy in the bed below me, I cried myself to sleep.  My mum was about to head to Nepal, to attempt to climb a mountain. It's called Ama Dablam, and it's breathtakingly beautiful. It's also 6812m high and technically difficult.
I was crying because I was scared. I was scared she was not coming home.
I am no stranger to my mum heading off on crazy adventures.
She’s climbed four of the seven summits, and done various other wild things that leave me nervous and pensive.
But this time was different. This time I didn’t get to say goodbye.
The last time I saw my mum was in a hotel in Kathmandu, five months ago.
We had just had an amazing three weeks trekking to Everest Base Camp, which was an incredible, awesome, life changing experience...one that I never wish to repeat.
I miss her like nothing else in the world. She is my best friend. She is an incredible, cute, fun, philanthropic wild woman, and she inspires me everyday.
She has taught me to live my dream, that anything is possible. She has taught me that you can choose your journey; you can have a job and a life you love.
She has taught me that exercise, health, and doing things for others makes you so much happier than obtaining material possessions.
So I don't know what I would do without her.
I have never been one to stress about something before it happens, but this gamble of the most important life in the world was enough to keep me up at night.
Sometimes I wish that I had a ‘normal’ mother; one who bakes and cleans and wears heels and lipstick, one who always remembered to pack my lunch for school.
Sometimes I think she is selfish, for leaving us kids at home for weeks on end so that she can go and have adventures.
But I know that part of what makes my mum so amazing is her passion, her drive, and her desire to achieve incredible goals.
To keep pushing her body and mind and extending her limits, and teaching us kids to do the same.
These adventures are scary, but they fill her with youth, vitality, and remind our whole family that, yes, mums ARE still allowed to have a life.
And on the plus side, when she gets home from a trip or even trek training she is soooo much more fun to live with!


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