What's your New Years Resolution?

BY DI WESTAWAY | CEO and Founder of Wild Women On Top

“Real success means moving into harmony with our life’s purpose.” Barbara Wilder
“Use the force, Luke”. Star Wars

I can’t remember a year since I turned 16 when I didn’t raise my glass of bubbles at midnight on New Year’s Eve and say I want to “Get fit and lose weight”.
There’s a reason why “Get fit” and “Lose weight” are in the top 3 New Year’s Resolutions for Australians every year.
It’s because it’s so damn hard to achieve these goals, and they’re so important to us, that we just keep on putting them out there year after year. And mostly we start with a bang, then lose motivation and give up. Do you?
This morning, my friend Cheryl said, “NOW is the time to reflect and honour this year’s achievements and formulate next year’s goals.” Fantastic: reflect and plan.
When I reflect on the last year, I’m astonished. I’ve managed to build my business with a fantastic partner and awesome team; trek to Everest Base Camp with my daughter and a bunch of fit fabulous women; climb a stunning and tough mountain with my partner; laugh and reconnect with my three kids; and maintain my health and fitness.

At times I’ve been manic and out of balance in one direction or another, but overall, it’s been a kick arse year. What’s yours been like?

Once you’re done reflecting on this year’s achievements, get ready for 2013. Commit to yourself NOW and toast your next year’s goals tomorrow night. But do so in the knowledge that if you really want to ‘get fit and lose weight’, you’ll need a plan.

Research shows that people who stick to New Year’s resolutions write them down; tell everybody; do something towards them every day; give them a one month trial; outsource or pay for them and use a three-step approach!

Top Ten Tips to Fitness and Health for 2013.
1. Give yourself a challenging fitness and health goal to keep you motivated
2. Connect with like-minded women so you always have somebody to exercise with -  it must be social
3. Remember that EVERY day is diet day, especially if you’re over 40 – your metabolism is slowing and sadly, you just can’t eat as much as you used to if you want to stay fit and healthy
4. Lock yourself into a workout routine that fits your work and family commitments – statistics show that people who exercise first thing in the morning stick with it best
5. Commit yourself to 3 x 30min aerobic; 2x 20min resistance and one relaxation session per week
6. Tell your family and friends your sacred training times and work your social life around them or into them!
7. Challenge your favourite excuses not to exercise: “I need to cook dinner; my family needs me at home now; the kids need help with their homework; work needs me to stay late; my partner wants me to go to the movies; I have to take the cat to the vet; it’s my birthday; I need sleep” can all be replaced with: “After I’ve done my workout …” all those things can happen.
8. Remind yourself that without your fitness and health, you won’t be happy, your family won’t be happy and being sick is expensive.
9. Make a financial commitment to your exercise. Research shows that the more you pay for something, the more you value it.
10. Measure your progress with mini goals, fitness coaching and/or technology so you see your results.

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