This is what happens when 13 Wild Women go to Iceland

By Wanda Nicholson | Wild Women On Top Coach

Words are wonderful things, but to capture the magnificence of our Iceland adventure, I so hope mine do justice.  
Here goes.

We all know the feeling when you arrive home from an overseas adventure… the “it was great BUT I wish I …” response to your best friend’s endless questions. This time, the only reply my mind conjures when thinking of my time in Iceland is “extraordinary!” In fact, this very word became our swan song we would chant when the going got a little tougher than expected.

From the outset I knew, Wild Women had chosen an extraordinary destination to explore. The terrain was spectacular. As we walked, we crossed every landscape imaginable; black sand as dark as the night, lava rock, freezing water crossing sometimes numerous times a day and the most magnificent moss-covered peaks. Mother nature was obviously feeling a little temperamental over the duration of our adventure; greeting us with all her moods – rain to sunshine, hail to snow, mist to freezing winds. The girls took it all in their strides, without a single complaint. I was one mighty proud coach.

Every day, would bring something new starting from the very first day. Our first night didn’t go quite as planned. We had reached our first Hut and bed for the night, but there was a minor altercation. The wonderful Fanny, responsible for the transportation of our food and gear had not arrive. The lovely guide, Thora, who might I add initially didn’t quite know what to make of us Wild Women then later wanted nothing more than a WWW shirt, was quick to help us. Thora and most capable Pam decided to take to higher ground to find a signal and notify others of our little predicament – by this stage it was 10.30pm and being ICE-land, it was cold. Skye got the fire and stove lit and I scourged around until I found a large box of oats and brown sugar cubes, to the delight of the girls, dinner was served.

I felt as if we were really living up to our “Wild Women” label, and it felt good.

Thora and Pam returned around 12.30am with news that the 4WD had gotten badly stuck and the ranger was there assisting so it wouldn't be too much longer until the itinerary would resume, and mealtime would continue with a little more order. We huddled under my emergency blanket, the girls cold and tired. All ended well, Thora allowing a sleep-in the following morning but left me wondering what else may be in store for us….

Each day did delight us in many ways from the magnificent scenery and beauty to roaring laughter crossing lava mud flats and losing irretrievable footwear too deep to fish out. We tried to jump a water crossing but tumbled into the water anyway, we slide down slopes on our backsides to find the arses ripped out of our pants and pulling out the gaffa tape to repair them each night.

Magic moments were aplenty, from sitting in a grassy meadow full of wild flowers with the sun on your face to thinking we'd come across a hot spa all to ourselves but to have a lone stranger appear from the other direction precisely at the moment we entered. Not to miss a perfect opportunity he stripped off and joined us, a mighty tale he'll tell on his return home I bet. His name was Max... a German trekker so from that moment it became Max's spa.

To end the trip with the snorkelling and Blue Lagoon hot spa was the icing on the cake an absolute highlight.

It was thrilling for me to have been with this awesome group of Wild Women on our first trip to Iceland and enjoy such an incredible part of the world.

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