We Asked Our Wild Working Mums How They're Staying Fit And Healthy In Isolation

By The Wild Women On Top Team

This Mother’s Day, we’re thinking about the amazing women in our lives who are mums. 

In these challenging times, mums (and dads) are being presented with unique challenges. Many mums are having to work from home, home-school their kids, manage the household, and care for their mental and physical wellbeing.

This week, in honour of Mother’s Day, we’re asking the kick-ass mums in the Wild Women office how they’re managing to keep fit and well in isolation. You probably won’t be surprised that all of these incredible women are getting a good dose of nature – daily!


Our Client Services queen Robby is mum to two sons, aged 16 and 14. She says the ocean has been her "sanctuary" during COVID-19.

“I have been ocean swimming at least once a day. I’ll often add an extra swim in – taking a mask and snorkel, or my kids. It’s an incredible time of year for spectacular water temperature, visibility and abundant sealife. I’ve also been walking several times a week to maintain a minimum of 10,000 steps a day.”

She’s been taking time for herself by getting immersed in ‘curl-up-in-bed’ style fiction books. She can escape the panicked headlines of the news cycle by sinking into a different, wholesome story. And she's loving it! 



Our Marketing Manager Sasha has two young children – aged 6 and 8. Sasha has been exercising every day and has taken on a daily push-up challenge to stay fit, healthy and strong in isolation.

“(I walk) daily if possible, particularly in the mornings before the work and school day starts. Sometimes I’ll walk more than once a day, depending on whether I - or we - need to get out of the house. I’m taking the quieter backstreets in my neighbourhood and throwing in hills to get my heart rate up. I’m also lucky enough to have a national park and bush trails near me, so I’m getting an extra nature fix by walking on the weekends with my family or an #isobuddy.

"I walk for my mental and physical wellbeing. I’ll listen to music, or a podcast, or phone a friend. Sometimes I take the earphones out altogether and try to connect more with my environment. I like to see what I can notice, for example, the leaves changing colour, whether the birds are being super noisy, whether some plants are flowering or not. I’ve been smiling and acknowledging neighbours out walking too – we’re all in this together!


"The aim of the 50 push-up challenge is to work up to 50 push-ups over a month. I started at the end of March and now I’m up to day 23 (I haven’t done them every day because y’know, life). I also do the occasional yoga class. My regular teacher has been offering Zoom classes which has worked pretty well so far."

Sasha says she tries to “focus on moments of joy whenever and however they come” to stay well.

“My morning walk is usually, but not always, by myself. Even if I have the family with me, or I’m walking with a friend, a walk always feels like self-care to me and time for myself. Other things are savouring a coffee or cup of tea, sitting in my garden (I can supervise kids at the same time), doing a cryptic crossword or Sudoku, having a bath, or reading a book in the evening after the kids have gone to bed. I’m also partial to a bit of red lippy and am still doing this despite being all-dressed-up-with-nowhere-to-go, mostly at home!


Also in our marketing team, Erika is the mum to two children - aged 4 and 8. She says being in isolation with two young kids has made it challenging to stay fit, but it has meant more quality time with the family. And she's still doing her best to stay active and healthy.

"Under normal circumstances I'd go on power walks alone. The kids and I go walking together, but with young kids it's more of an amble in nature and getting fresh air, looking for butterflies. My cross trainer at home is getting used more than it would normally, so that's a good thing!

"Time for myself is usually late at night. It's quiet time and reflecting time for me. I'll take what I can get at the moment, it's better than nothing!"


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