Untangle your Emotions

By Di Westaway | CEO Wild Women On Top

Have you ever noticed how the fit healthy people around you don’t make “Get Fit, Lose Weight” one of their New Year’s Resolutions? It’s because they LIVE it, all year around.

So … don’t wait till New Year’s Eve to get resolve. Start thinking NOW.

Statistics show that approximately 75% of women put ‘Get Fit, Lose Weight’ as their top New Year’s Resolution. Sadly research also shows that 92% of these resolutions fail.

It’s not enough to just wish for it as you chink your bubbles at midnight after scoffing a platter smoked salmon and avocado canapés. If you genuinely want to improve your health and fitness this year, and be in the 8% of people who get results, here are some tips …

First you need to work out the “how” and the “why”.

The “how” is really simple.

1. Get a wild adventure goal

2. Move and puff everyday in nature

3. Nourish your body with real food

4. Connect with a health community

5. Radiate positivity

*If you want to know more about this, stay tuned for the release of our upcoming free e-book “How to be an Adventure Goddess”

The “why” often gets tangled up in complex emotions … guilt, self-loathing, love, fear, joy, pain …and working out your own personal ‘why’ is really tricky.

Do you want to have a strong functional body so that you can nurture others into old age; so that you look good in a bikini; or so that you can leap and dance and climb ladders and scramble around the rocks?

Aesthetics alone is usually not enough. Health alone is usually not enough. And for most women, health and aesthetics tend to get sidelined because we prioritise nurturing others and often put our own health last. We actually need to put our oxygen mask on first. We need to make our health our number 1 priority, so that we are able to be better mothers, daughters, friends, sisters, employees, and role models for our loved ones (especially our kids!!)

Finding a “why” that works for you is your quest.

For me, rock climbing motivates me to resist the hourly tug of food, that pesky 3kg could be the difference between to top and the bottom of a cliff. For some women it’s a pregnancy, a school reunion or a wedding that inspires them.

For my daughter it’s the way she “feels” when she eats clean; energetic, in control and calm. For many of my clients, it’s so they don’t let the team down on an adventure or so they can get to the top of the mountain with a smile.

But we all need a strong why to get a strong body and mind. We need a sticky reason to lock us in to the challenges of daily exercise and the discipline of resisting second helpings. 

So, this year BEFORE you raise your class at the midnight hour, give some thought to why you want to be fitter and slimmer. And one you’ve worked out that “why”, write it down.

Then, jot down your exciting adventure goal, plan your training schedule (put dates in the diary for mini training goals along the way) and lock in a weekly training plan so that exercise is a non-negotiable.

If you want more time for the fun things in life, take away the daily battle with food and motivation to exercise by committing to it now. When you don’t give yourself a choice, you just get on with it.

Then, this time next year, revisit that note in your iphone or day in your 2014 diary – and see what you’ve accomplished.

I promise, you’ll love what you read.

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