The Ultimate Wild Women Christmas Gift Guide

By The Wild Women On Top Team

Are you like us and can't quite believe Christmas is in two weeks? Yep, you read that right.

To suppress your last-minute Christmas shopping panic, we've got a heap of Wild Women gift recommendations for you. With a range of different price points, there's something for everyone.

Something small

Nalgene Bottle

Goodness knows we should all be drinking more water! Leak-proof Nalgene bottles are great for carrying water with you on the trail. They also couple as bottles for gin and freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice for a pink gimlet and other yummy drinks to make your hike super special.

Cost: $15.96 from Paddy Pallin

Paddy Pallin Christmas orders need to be in by 17 Dec (Australia Express). 

Icebreaker Socks

Lots of people complain about getting socks for Christmas. Those people are not us... Give us all the moisture-wicking socks, please! If you're buying a pressie for a keen hiker, Icebreakers are great. They won't break the bank and they're fab for your feet. 

Cost: $31.99 from Paddy Pallin

Paddy Pallin Christmas orders need to be in by 17 Dec (Australia Express). 

Ultra Violette Sunscreen

Prepare yourself, ladies. We're about to change your life. Ultra Violette facial suncreen is a gamechanger. It's not just sunscreen. It's sun-protection, a moisturiser and a primer - all in one! They have a few different styles, depending on your skin type, but every one of them is heaven (we've tried them all!). No greasiness, no white case, no breakouts, just excellent sun protection. 

Cost: $42-$47 from Sephora or Ultra Violette. 

If you're ordering from Sephora, it'll take between 3-13 business days to arrive by regular post. We recommend getting the express option to guarentee you get it in time for Chrissie, or visit a Sephora store. Ultra Violette Christmas orders need to be in by 14 Dec (Australia standard) and 16th Dec (International Express + Australia Express). 

Wild Women T-shirt

Want to be stylish and comfortable on the trail? We hear you. Our Wild Women shirts are the solution. They're breathable, light-weight and super stylish. Get one for you and your bestie so you can be matching on the trail.

Cost: $40 from Wild Women

Order by 14 December to guarentee shipping by Christmas. 

Natural Exhilaration

Natural Exhilaration is an epic holiday read and will inspire you to live an adventurous life, year-round. You'll squeeze more joy and adventure out of your life with Di Westaway's tips.

Cost: $29.95 from Wild Women

Order before 14 December to guarentee shipping by Christmas. 

Something bigger

How To Prepare For World Class Treks

If you want to become a bad-ass hiker and learn Di Westaway's adventure secrets, this is the book for you. It has everything you need to be prepared and safe on the trail.

Cost: $40 from Wild Women

Order before 14 December to guarentee shipping by Christmas. 


Alright, so they're not the most attactive footwear you'll ever lay your eyes on. But trust us when we say these are peak 'farshun' at the moment. These bad boys are super comfortable and are quick-drying (meaning they're great for wet conditions).

Cost: $79.96 from Paddy Pallin

Paddy Pallin Christmas orders need to be in by 17 Dec (Australia Express). 

Lululemon Tights or Shorts

We're a big fan of our Lulus here at Wild Women. Their tights and shorts are great quality and will last you years if they're cared for properly. The Lululemon bike shorts are espcially good coming into the warmer months.

Cost: $79.00 - $139 from Lululemon

Shipping cutoffs vary depending on your state. You can see them here. 

Petzl Head Torch

What a better way to enjoy warm summer nights than doing some night walking. When you're walking at night, you should always bring a good head torch. Petzl make great headlamps and they have a range of different price points. The Petzl Actik 350 is a multi-beam headlamp that's light-weight and long-lasting. Black Diamond also have some great options.

Cost of Petzl Active 350: $77.56 from Paddy Pallin.

Paddy Pallin Christmas orders need to be in by 17 Dec (Australia Express). 

Something even bigger

Mammut Insulated Jacket

Our Co-owner and Managing Director Tania Taylor is a big fan of Mammut's Convey Insulated Jacket. You can see her full review here. This grape-coloured insulated jacket is super comfortable with a tapered waist and caters for taller people. It's ideal for light walking activitity.

Cost: Now $250 from Macpac

Macpac Christmas orders need to be in by 14 Dec. 

Osprey Pack

Osprey has some great packs on the market at the moment, for everything from day hikes to multi-day trips. Check out the 38L or Hyperlite 26 models to determine what's best for your loved one's adventure habits. 

Cost: $119 - $223 from Paddy Pallin

Paddy Pallin Christmas orders need to be in by 17 Dec (Australia Express). 

Come and share your Christmas gifts with us in the Wild Women Community.

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