The Ultimate Bush Cheese Board

By the Wild Women On Top Team

If you’re a fan of cheese, you’ll know there’s something pretty special about an awesome cheese board. Bonus points if you’re on top of a cliff or at the beach, after a gorgeous (and tiring) walk.

This isn’t something you’ll want to take on a long, hot or multi-day adventure, but for a short, special occasion hike (such as a birthday, girls night or date night), it’s the perfect way to ‘wow’ your friends or partner with not too much effort and hardly any prep. It takes about 15 minutes to put together on a clifftop.

Here’s how to put it together.


You’ll need:

  • A big platter or wooden chopping board to base your cheese board on. We're huge fans of a chopping board on short hikes. While heavy, it can’t break, and has many other uses!
  • A few knives (you’ll want one knife per cheese)
  • A sharp knife for chopping veggies
  • Napkins
  • A small bag to put rubbish into (don’t litter, people!)
  • A few small bowls for dips, soft cheeses, tapenades or pickles 


Of course, everything is optional here, but a little bit of everything makes it feel extra special!

  • Three to four different cheeses, with a variety of flavours and textures. We recommend a creamy blue brie, a sharp cheddar, and something soft and oily like feta or goat’s cheese.
  • Two to three types of crackers. We always go for a wafter cracker and something fancy like a fig and pecan cracker. If we can't get our hands on them, we also love a Scandinavian-style rye cracker. We don’t recommend bread as it will get crushed in your backpack. 
  • Two to three savoury snacks. Some options include: tamari almonds, olives, artichokes, salted cashews, pecans, pistachios, pickles, tapenades, anchovies.
  • Two to three sweet snacks. Some options include: seasonal dried fruits, honey, dates, candied nuts, chocolate or chutneys.
  • Something fresh and seasonal: We love raspberries and strawberries, but grapes and figs may work better on a hike as they carry better in your pack.
  • Something healthy. Carrot, capsicum and cucumber sticks go down a treat and are easy to throw in your pack.
  • Some charcuterie element, such as Prosciutto di Parma or salami.


1. Start by chopping up any veggies on your board and arranging them in a bowl. We recommend standing them up in sticks, as you’ll be able to get more on the board that way.  


2. Unwrap your cheeses and place them in a relatively even distribution on the board.

Cheese board2

3. Unwrap your crackers and arrange them around the cheeses. You want variety in your board, so divide the crackers into two or three piles and make sure they’re distributed even across the board.

Cheese board3

4. Add your other large items to the board. In this instance, we added the bowl of veggies and a container of olives.

Cheese board4

5. Next is cured meats. Wrap up prosciutto (or other meats) around your fingers to create dimension and distribute in gaps on the board. We kept them to two sides, making sure they weren’t touching cheeses so that vegetarians could still enjoy the board.

Cheese board5

6. It’s time to add remaining small items. This is what brings it all together and makes it feel really special. Nuts, dried fruits, chocolates, seeds, dates, berries etc. These should be sprinkled in clusters around the board (wherever there’s room really!)

Cheese board6

Enjoy with a cuppa tea or a glass of wine in nature! 

Cheese board7

Cheese board8

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