Transform fear into freedom for the New Year

By Lisa Marshall | Director Wild Women On Top 

This year I learnt an invaluable skill, I have learnt how to transform fear into freedom. An ability that allowed me to open the doors to a new life in a beautiful place for me and my growing family…

It all started a few months ago when my husband came home from work.

“Lisa, he said, “let’s move to the Sunshine Coast.” His voice didn’t waver an inch, instead, it was coated with an excitement and certainty I couldn’t understand. Where did this come from? How could he walk away from the comfort and routine of our Sydney life?

Uh oh…. His mid-life crisis had come early…. “Keith” I said in a gentle tone as if I was talking to our 7-year-old son Noah, “don’t be crazy.” He didn’t quit, “why not Lisa?”

I turned away, “there are a million and one reasons why…” I prepared myself to begin the endless list, but nothing came to mind apart from the words crazy, impulsive and spontaneous - the very verbs I tell all my Wild Women to embrace if confronted with. Suddenly, my mind couldn’t help but ponder the possibility…. We both have our own businesses that could be managed remotely, I had always wanted to live outside of the big city smoke, we have a baby on the way and we want to reduce the stress, the rush and the pressure of living in a city where everything’s expensive and we’re caught on the hamster wheel trying to keep up.

“Give me three reasons why not, Lisa?” he said.  Beautiful images of the three soon to be four of us laying on the gorgeous beaches of the Sunshine coast began to form in my mind. Was there really a reason why this reverie couldn’t be our little family’s reality?

It was time to truly live the words I always proclaim to the women I train, to live spontaneously, boldly and embrace feelings of fear for they may lead me to greater feelings of freedom…

So I did, I really did. 

I bought a house without even looking at it. People thought I was mad, but from a young age, I had been taught to trust my intuition… and I had this deep-seated feeling I couldn't ignore. This was going to be the best decision I had ever made.

So at 6 months pregnant with our second child, we left our Sydney home and began our life on the Sunshine Coast.

Here we are weeks down the track and I have no regrets. Yes, we miss our community back in Sydney but already we’re finding new friends and starting a new adventure.

Yes, it was scary at times, yes it could have been really stressful, but we made a decision to treat the whole move and everything that went with it, just as we do every adventure we prepare for…

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