Top tips to stay slim in the silly season!

By the Wild Women On Top Team

It is so tempting to spend the holidays lazing on the couch, drinking a few too many wines and mindless eating in the spirit of the holidays.

It’s hard not to go back for seconds at Christmas lunch, when the table is laden with delicacies.

But how often do we start the New Year with a food baby and no energy, our joy quickly fading as reality sets in?

This is the year to change. This is the year to enjoy the holiday season and be the best, healthiest version of you.

Summer holidays are the perfect time to reclaim your joy, your health, your life. 

Sure, you want to relax and recharge with your friends and family.

But a break from work is also your opportunity to do a Trek Training session one day and a Power Yoga class the next, while still hanging with the kids and getting to the supermarket. Days off mean more time to luxuriate in cooking delicious, nutritious recipes or make that almond milk you’ve been talking about for ages. 

To help you out, we asked around the Wild Women On Top office, to get the top tips from our super-healthy staff.

Liz, Client Services Manager and Spin Queen:

Keep Active: Functions, family and food can interrupt your routine and leave you feeling less than your best.  Training will keep you feeling fit, healthy and your body in peak condition.  Schedule your Trek Training sessions and then commit to these just like you would any of your other commitments!  No excuses! 

Skye, Event and Logistics Manager and Health Food guru.

Alcohol: Drinking alcohol can end up making you make ‘not so good’ food choices & also eat too much. On the days you think you’ll probably have a drink try and not start until after 5pm (fivesies) & make sure you’re well hydrated before hand – get your quota of water / non-alcoholic fluids in before you start. Also set a limit on how many & what you will drink.


Sleep: Try & keep to a regular sleep pattern – i.e. get up at the same time each day.


Exercise: Keep moving. You know you’ll feel better for it. Try & get it done before you get distracted by the day.

Di, Chief Executive Officer and Fearless Fitness Leader

Exercise: Do it in the morning so you don’t miss out once the festivities get in the way.


Weigh yourself: Do it daily so you can keep on track. Consistency is the key – one day of over-indulging won’t hurt, but weeks of it can do damage to your health and happiness.


Don’t have it in the house: Often, I get excited by chocolate sales. But this year I’ve decided I don’t want to have a bowl of Lindt balls on the kitchen bench, tempting me, for most of December. If you don’t have it in the house, it’s much easier to resist when you’ve had a glass or two and your willpower goes out the window. Let the family bring the treats on the big day.


Pip, Marketing Manager and Amazonian Goddess


Commit: Sign yourself up to some training sessions around Christmas time and have fun with them! That way you're more likely to do it! Plus you'll feel a lot better when you enjoy an extra chocolate to two :)


Get outside: Go for a walk in nature with family/friends on Christmas’ll love it.


Bella, Wild Women Weekly Editor and Yoga lover

Make your own treats: Cut the crap and cook your own treats with real ingredients like raw honey, cacao, coconut cream and nuts. You can make delicious nutritious treats with love, that won’t leave you with a sugar hangover.

Do healthy activities: Take your family and friends for adventures like stand up paddle boarding, power yoga, hiking, bike riding or rock climbing. You’ll feel buzzed without the bubbles. 

Say no to alcohol: It is SO EASY to have a drink at every Christmas party, but before you know it you’ve screwed your sleep patterns, your blood sugar and your hydration. Opt for sparkling mineral water instead, and save the booze for extra special occasions. 

Danae, Coastrek Project Manager and Dancing Queen

Everything in moderation


Quality not quantity: Moet is the way to go!!


Hydrate: Drink lots of water! Hydralite is great for hangovers too.

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